The ultimate back-handed compliment?

Once the hullabaloo of last years Rotherham By-Election had died down Rothpol became aware of a new blog, dedicated to attacking Rotherham Politics!

The Rotherham end was organised by Jahangir Akhtar with the assistance of Vakas Hussain amongst others, joined later by another, whose involvement exposed exactly where they were coming from!

cropped-wordpressheader1000-288Legitimate criticism, Rothpol takes on the chin, but this kind of scurrilous blog is not criticism, but mere bile, retailed as facts!

One of rothbradpolitics stated aims, was to put Rotherham Politics out of action, some hope!


7 thoughts on “The ultimate back-handed compliment?

  1. I personally have not gone on to this blog but what a pity the individuals behind it appear to invest so much time and effort on a fruitless project when they have public duty calling. Rothpol has a national audience whereas this effort, I’m told, is a pale imitation … possibly the Postman Pat of the political blogging world.


    • Can’t work out why you’ve picked good old well-loved, helpful, caring, considerate Pat as a comparison. It’s a bit harsh on him… Is it because I’ve missed some new ‘BBC Celebrity Scandal’ headline? Or is it because Postman Pat was privatised and laid off, so much like the aforementioned blog, he’s now a sad, desperate echo from the past.


  2. Well said sister Yvonne thats good statement you have made.
    These two evil people in Rotherham need to be exposed Vakas and Asbo Akhtar as they should be ashamed what there writing about certain individuals
    the worst thing is there write things and there are happy about what there write, most of their sentences does not make sense and stuff there write on that blog there got alot of grammatical errors and alot of it is untrue.


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