Killer Quotes?

These quotes from Jahangir Akhtar were heard being uttered today in Rotherham to anyone who would listen:

“I will be coming back to become a Councillor for Rotherham West, I can walk into my council seat when I want to.” 

“I will be getting my job back as a Councillor for Rotherham West and Vice Chair of the Police Crime Commission.”

“Labour Party will not take my Whip off me I am a special person, this issue on the Times Newspaper no one will ask me”

“I own Rotherham West, particularly the Asian community.”

“When I say to them to sit down everyone sits down. When I say to them, bow down, they all bow down to me.”

“I have been told, I would get my job back as Chair of the Police Crime Commission in South Yorkshire, as I did not commit an offence this issue no one in my community can say anything to me.”

Referring to the meeting, that Akhtar had with Shaun Wright, SYPCC and other Police people yesterday , he said “I have negotiated a price to get my job back as Vice Chair of the Police & Crime Committee”, we have exchange my job with money for me to get my job back. In the meantime, Labour Party Headquarters has said, “they will give me a minimum resignation as a job,”  he also confirmed it is a backhand agreement, with Councillor Shaun Wright.”

Think the attitudes on display here are a major part of the problem! Don’t you?

Have we now learned, why Sajid Bostan would utter these words, “we’ve fixed the Council, fixed the Police, fixed the Advertiser and fixed the local BBC!”?

36 thoughts on “Killer Quotes?

  1. I hope that these comments are not true as I guess for someone to hear these would need to be in the room with him during his daily meetings which is unlikely. I for one, openly support him, and I am sure that those leading the services will improve through this experience.


  2. Some one should tell janghir akhtar He is a councillor for the west Ward, Not the Emperor. I don’t know where He gets this Deluded idea that he rules The asian community.
    The Asian community in Rotherham hate this Vile baboon. But sadly they are Afraid of him. So they vote in fear, But that fear is now Disappearing.
    Because the party Janghir fears the most (RESPECT PARTY) Is getting stronger by the day.
    Vote RESPECT and Get rid of this menace once and for all!!!


  3. You openly support a person, who goes around helping CSE in Rotherham and does nothing to prevent it, Graham you should be ashamed of yourself, that means your guilty as much as asbo akhtar in committing the crime, we should put an investigation on you next.


    • I heard from a source he had a meeting yesterday with Councillor Shaun right regarding his police crime and commissioner job, regular reader did you know about that meeting or do you need asbo to confirm it for you.


      • I was not aware of that meeting – and frankly that they had a meeting means nothing; but I am aware that some people attempt to set-up Rothpol (for whom I can assure you I have absolute respect) – including one quite recent one in this blog.


  4. Yes dirty filth has once again revealed its true colours but the truth is sajid Bostan is a fat teletubbie who has the brain the same size of a peanut so yes obviously if one were to have the same I.Q level as a new born baby (now that is an insult to the baby) will naturally start asking kid’s questions ‘asbo the fidler can we fix it?’


  5. If he does think he’s the emperor of Rotherham, remember the madness of Nero while Rome burned and Caesar. Akhtar all I can say is beware the ides of march. Hopefully. This horrible, can’t use the word man, needs putting in his place.


    • Yes he sure does well said @Jason Brooks but the million dollar question is who is going to put him in his place? He seems to be under the impression that this is going to be a landmark in history with the rise of asbo fidler and since when does rotherham bow down at him. He is the one bowing down at his fellow taxi drivers’ mercy for those precious votes and oh yes he might be the emperor of Ms Ahmed’s back yard yes most definitely. Rightfully said asbo, Rotherham will be sure to put you in your rightful place but back to the million dollar question who is going to take the lead in doing so? @Thinker, I have a question for you, what makes you say it is the respect party that he fears?


      • He is terrified of the voters! They are the one’s, that will throw him out next May, should the Labour Party be stupid enough to even have him as a member by then. Never mind present him to the voter as a credible Labour candidate!


  6. Akhtar temporally resigned, don’t make me laugh.

    Is he still getting paid?

    Is he still receiving briefings for members?

    It’s all about trying to fool the public and they are doing a very good job.


  7. Counsellor Janghir Akhtar Declaring he owns Rotherham West ! If this is true, then the voters of Rotherham west, Have a duty to kick him out in may 2014 Elections. Janghir When ppl vote for you, It means you are obliged to serve them. It doesn’t mean that you have become the emperor. If the voters voted you in,they can also vote you out! Bear that in mind. EMPEROR JANGHIR AKHTAR.


  8. The Emperor with no clothes! Would be more apt.
    Those who formerly formed a line to shake his hand, now turn their backs!
    His power and influence was always partly a mirage, like all illusions, they disappear when you get close enough.
    Time perhaps for him to do as he was told? Stand down as a Councillor forthwith!


    • It perhaps would be funny but unfortunately, this thug and bully actually believes these things to be true!
      The second Deputy Leader to go off on one into fantasy land, and in the process, damage everything that Labour says it stands for!
      How many more outrages have to be exposed, before the Labour Party removes his Party Card, at least until all the investigations are complete?


  9. The most curious aspect of all this is the Labour party’s unwillingness (fear?) to remove Akhtar’s Party card, just how odious does a person have to be and what level of behaviour is tolerated before Iain McNicol-General Secretary of the Labour Party-takes drastic action to stop this man (mis)representing the Labour Party? Are they afraid Akhtar will play the race card?
    If the Labour party refuses to sanction Akhtar then at least we will know what a vote for Labour means……………………..
    Corruption at the highest levels.

    Nothing new there then.


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  11. Ca i declare that I have attended many Common Purpose Training Sessions;part of my job. It’ was amazingly dull – no conspiracy. Just instructions on how to fill in certain forms. How disappointing for ‘moon landing brigade’. Next please.

    Back to the point. Mr Akhtar – if he said it – is a little misguided; he doesn’t own me and I will continue to work to ensure he’s history.

    An independent inquiry on the real issues concerning his role please. Dead man clutching at stars and all that.


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