They just don’t get it… That statement to members

“The thing about Roger and his chums is that they don’t get the basics of democracy,  so I will simplify things.

We elect you. You are accountable to us. In a liberal democracy accountability is a day to day issue, not only for elections. If we the majority don’t understand stuff it is probably your poor communications not us being stupid.

Their failure to understand is illustrated in the Press and Members statement distributed by Tracy Holmes (Is this the Leadership Rotherham needs?)

Note, there is no timescale for the inquiries, no terms of reference, almost no identification of those undertaking the reviews, no apparent proposal to involve victims, no call for evidence, nothing about how WE the ELECTORATE will be kept informed.  Nothing that allows us to hold them to account.

It is perverse that after admitting failures that they previously denied , they still expect us to trust them when acting behind closed doors.

An example of their ineptitude? They say they asked SYP to undertake an inquiry in January 2013 while Shaun doesn’t appear to be supporting it until August? Is the one asked for by the Council the same as I the one announced by Shaun? if not what’s the difference? If so why the wait?
And where is the Chief Constable in all this? Silent.

An open enquiry demanded. They have failed the people of Rotherham and allowed our town to become perceived as an haven for sex offenders.”


3 thoughts on “They just don’t get it… That statement to members

  1. Excellent points, Wil.
    As the first part of your post is addressed to the second person, I presume that you have written to Stone, Kimber, Wright, Chief Constable (whoever that is) etc.
    An open enquiry demanded you say. Absolutely ! Let’s get it demanded NOW !


  2. Let it be understood. I am making my views known in every possible way, and while using a pseudonym for Rothpol I am saying the same under my real name.

    Maybe there should be an alliance between Rothpol and the Advertiser?



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