Caven Vines Reaction

My reaction to this belated announcement is as follows:

“I welcome this well overdue enquiry all be it late. But to be honest they have only now taken this step as they have now really no other options left open to them after the resignation of a Labour Councillor and the discloser of the allegations in the press and mounting public pressure which has now backed them into a corner with no ware else to hide the truth.

I just hope that this enquiry will be fully open to the public and totally independent.

I remember the  Last enquiry they had the James Report into Jobs for the Boys which was supposed to be open and transparent but never published.??

I would also demand that South Yorkshire Police are investigated by an outside force into the role they played in all this cover up and why to date for the past 10 years their have been no prosecutions. of what I know off.

They are too close and their track record with covering up the Hillsborough disaster does not fill me with confidence that they can be trusted to investigate themselves. And I believe that the Police Commissioner should stand down until the investigation is complete.

 If it is correct that Rotherham Council instructed the Police to investigate historical cases over eight months ago why has nothing been date.

Lets all hope that the People responsible for this cover up and hardship caused to these young victims of Rape are now held to account.”

Cllr Caven Vines UKIP Rawmarsh Ward

2 thoughts on “Caven Vines Reaction

  1. Well done Caven – It is somewhat disturbing that the CE of RMBC is the one drawing up the terms of reference as his own action/inaction is under scrutiny here. Also, the Deputy Leader has done nothing particularly honourable in resigning as Deputy – it enables him to influence events behind the scenes still. If his suitability for public office is in question then he would be more courageous to resign his council seat and then let the electorate exonerate him or otherwise once all the facts are known. And other Councillors ought to seriously consider the same course of action. The position of the SYP commissioner is also tenuous as his forces are accused of brokering a potential deal with a child abductor and any enquiries into that may throw light on his own action/inaction in a different post at a different time – looking after Rotherham’s young people. That’s why we need a full and unfettered independent enquiry set up by an outside body or bodies into all the agencies concerned AND fully published. One such body needing to do some reviewing is the national Labour Party who remain mute still. They are setting themselves up for further erosion of their support in Rotherham unless they address this sorry saga robustly.


  2. I See all our MPs have now all come out welcoming the enquiry into RMBC Child exploitation what a surprise not much noise before was their.
    But what they don’t demand is that this enquiry’s remit is being set by The CEO of RMBC who must have known what was going on ??
    So he has a conflict of interest so that’s why I have demanded a fully outside totally enquiry including setting the remit for the investigation I also demand that their is a cross party incinclusion on this enquiry so that the findings are truthfully reported. To the public.
    Also the investigation of the police by the HMIC will only look at what they are doing now not in the past that’s why I demand a external police force investigates SYP past involvmemt in these cases.
    After Hilsborough who can trust them.
    We need the truth and transparency no more cover ups if heads need to role then so be it if so they should not be still in place.


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