Missed Toby Foster at Breakfast yesterday morning?

Readers of Rotherham Politics don’t miss much, this is another of those broadcasts in the fine tradition of public service broadcasting.

Thanks to modern technology you don’t have to miss it:

BBC Radio Sheffield Toby Foster at Breakfast 5th Sept 2013

Our spotter added this:

At one hour, six minutes into the Toby Foster breakfast show there are further interviews including Andrew Norfolk.

I get the impression Toby Foster, has the inside track on the politics behind this story.

Interesting choice of words from Andrew regarding on how individuals should be dealt with.

7 thoughts on “Missed Toby Foster at Breakfast yesterday morning?

  1. toby foster is great , once again another phone in about the ongoing problems in eastwood and rmbc just when will this be sorted ?? roger told residents ..plenty of meetings will take place …that was june last year !


  2. Shaun Wright is involved in covering up the abuse of my son Toby in relation to the fraudulent appointment of Paula Harmer to the Headship of Thorne Hreen Top School to avoid accountability in her conduct at Station Road Primary School, now Castle Academy, and her lying to the Standards Board for England on behalf of Ed Miliband. Doncaster Mayor Ros Jones is colluding in this abuse. Labour Party corruption is at the heart of all that is going on


      • I was a whistleblower at Doncaster. Council and Labour Party started on kids. First Rosie Winterton then Flint and Miliband. Paula Harmer, the bursar at Castle Academy and Simon Martin all paid off in course of lying to Standards Board. Actions of Harmerand co matter of record in Family Court but SY Police covering up and Shaun Wright letting them. History involves death of colleague at work who was dealing with the Agenda for Change electoral fraud. ‘Natural causes’ but collapsed when being harassed by Ken Burley, one of those conspiring to pervert course of justice. Crompton lied to Toby Foster when said no freemasonry in relation to Hillsborough. Det Ch Supt Burdis, Head of Crime who deliberately compromised Agenda For Change was a Freemason. His predecessor left because of Freemason corruption in SY Police. And currently victimising my son at school to keep lid on. Alan


  3. After all this time we still havn’t mentioned or named any of the taxi drivers responsible for the pimping of under age girls in south Yorkshire and North Manchester quite amazing
    I was wondering what type of Lodges they belong to , they must be quite powerful


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