Shaun Wright asked to step down

Fresh in from the Star:



14 thoughts on “Shaun Wright asked to step down

  1. Hubris, pure hubris! His best friend has ‘stepped down temporarily’, Shaun Wright orders three investigations, all of which will, of necessity, examine his own performance, yet he refuses to even ‘step down temporarily’, how so!
    Time for Shaun Wright to wake up and smell the coffee?


  2. This demand was inevitable, particularly after Andrew Norfolk’s focussed comments on Wright when he was on the Toby Foster show earlier this week (it’s at 2 hours and 40 seconds in.)
    Not sure how having both the PPC and his deputy “standing down temporarily” will work out… maybe he’ll draft his wife in to run things…


  3. Another example of a Labour politician scampering to cover his backside.
    It is obvious that the coverage Rotherham is receiving makes Wright’s position untenable.
    More interestingly is the comment “with sensetivities around the race of the culprits………………….”
    There you have it, Non whites are regarded as untouchables by Labour politicians in Rotherham in case they play the race card.
    Stone, Kimber, Thackary, Collins, Akhtar and Wright are all equally guilty of obfuscation and incompetence. They should immediately resign and forfeit any compensation.
    Time for change.


    • @Colin
      “Non whites are regarded as untouchables by Labour politicians in Rotherham in case they play the race card.” You misunderstand!
      The Pakistani-origin community is considered uncriticizable because it is well organised via the Biraderi clan system. Local Labour depends on the Kashmiri Pakistani vote in several wards, and they could easily loose all those votes to another party if they were to upset the clan elders.

      The gangs who groom young girls are largely of rural Pakistani-origin with a few hangers-on from other, far smaller and less established, immigrant groups. The recent Oxford convictions of two muslim-Eritrean and three Pakistani-origin men is a case in point.
      On Monday of this week Andrew Norfolk in the Times* wrote of the tension in Leicester caused by young Sikh girls being groomed by Pakistani men, it was also covered in a BBC1 program that night:

      * I’ll provide Rothpol with a jpeg of that TImes article.
      Had to use google to check on the spelling of “biraderi” (and most other long words).
      Came across this article, introducing a Radio4 broadcast from 10 years ago:
      “Pakistan clans ‘abusing’ British politics
      By Navid Akhtar
      Presenter, The Biraderi, BBC Radio 4”
      It is well worth reading! Particularly since it features both Lord Ahmed: “Britain’s only Pakistani member of the House of Lords, has fallen foul of Biraderi politics.” (And we know what happend to him). and Shahid Malik: “a member of Labour’s National Executive, told the BBC that the Party has unwittingly allowed the clans to infiltrate British politics by influencing who is chosen from within Pakistani communities to go forward for candidate selection.” (Having had a little problem with his MP expenses Mr Malik had to move on from that role. I understand he was recently acting as a consultant to Tower Hamlets Council ).

      But you are right that Wright’s position is untenable!


  4. Actually I see it differently. He’s ordered three enquiries that quite deliberately don’t look at his performance, they are very much around individual case reviews whereas Shaun was involved in setting the operating environment for both Police and Social Services. He wants us to look at the trees, not the forest.

    He is also putting our money into a range of activities that take attention away from his culpability. His electorate is the whole of South Yorkshire, and he’s hoping that the knowledge of his past will be confined to Rotherham. He wants to be reborn as Shaun the child protector…. No chance.

    Shaun actually has the double whammy of incompetence. He was both Chair of the relevant Council Committee for child protection and Rotherham’s representative on the Police Committee charged with coordinating Police and Council’s activities. All at the time when the quality of child protection sank to it’s lowest depths.

    Putting it simply Shaun is right there bang in the middle of the ordure. Hence he should stand down for the duration, or at least he inquiry period.

    Another big issue. As a member of the Labour Party, why on earth was this imbecile ever put forward as our candidate for Police Commissioner?

    Now in speaking to people with more knowledge of him than me I discover that most members and Councillors who knew him considered him as thick as two short planks. They were gobsmacked when he was selected as Labour’s candidate for PCC.

    The Rotherham Labour Party has lots to apologise for, not least is failing to let the world know he is incompetent.


    • Well said Will Ewart, I want to say it is so true what your writing, it looks like you know alot of information, honestly I am amazed whatever you right it is true and to the point.

      I want to come down to meet you one day and it would be so nice, I am not lying you know and your writing alot of things that many people didnt know about.

      Keep up the good work, it so nice to hear you comments Will Ewart.


  5. It is the ‘independent’ inquiry that will be covering Shaun Wright’s role, as political lead for children and families, that should force him to suspend himself ‘temporarily’.
    Jahangir Akhtar too, cannot possibly come back until this inquiry has reported!
    He should announce this himself, if he has any shred of honour left?


  6. For those who haven’t read maltbyblogger today – and there are many who have – a petition of 400 signatures has been handed in to RMBC today from Rotherham people demanding a full, truly independent inquiry into the CSE scandal which does not have those involved investigating themselves.
    An epetition has also been set up which will be live for taking signatures within the next 7 days.


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