Still relevant in today’s Rotherham!

Pakistan clans ‘abusing’ British politics

By Navid Akhtar
Presenter, The Biraderi, BBC Radio 4″
It is well worth reading! Particularly since it features both Lord Ahmed: “Britain’s only Pakistani member of the House of Lords, has fallen foul of Biraderi politics.” (And we know what happend to him). and Shahid Malik: “a member of Labour’s National Executive, told the BBC that the Party has unwittingly allowed the clans to infiltrate British politics by influencing who is chosen from within Pakistani communities to go forward for candidate selection.” (Having had a little problem with his MP expenses Mr Malik had to move on from that role. I understand he was recently acting as a consultant to Tower Hamlets Council ).

6 thoughts on “Still relevant in today’s Rotherham!

  1. Well Said Shahid Malik MP, you are right, I am totally against Braderism, you have to understand Bradersim does not work in Politics, look at this website this is what happened in Rotherham Labour Selection meeting when Luck Duck and Dive did not get elected.
    Azzizum is on BBC Website with the glasses on and on the right is Muhbeen Hussain he is on bbc news regarding the Labour Party Selection meeting.
    Why did all of asian people walked out of the Labour Party meeting When Councillor Maroof was not picked?
    did it have anything to do with Bradersim?
    the answer is yes.


    • Rotherham Local lad:
      You say: “Why did all of asian people walked out of the Labour Party meeting” .
      If you mean “Pakistani-Kashmiri people” please say it. Otherwise some may think you mean to include everyone from Turkey to Japan and beyond in your statement.
      (There are many cultures and nationalities of “Asian people”, as there are of “European people”. Brotherhood/Biraderi as such, occurs only within one specific community in UK – those whose origins are in the more rural areas of Pakistan.)


  2. Very interesting. Clearly there is something of this nature going on in Rotherham. Wonder how many would not mention the issue for fear of the “racist” label being applied to them.

    rothpol – have you noticed that the discredited blog RotherhamBradfordpolitics has sprung up again? Diversionary tactics and
    possible use of a name and style of the long lost commentator Don ?


  3. Many have speculated as to why Naz Ahmed was knighted. It is common talk in the Labour Party that far from being opposed to the biraderi system he tried using it to get selected for a Parliamentary seat in Bradford.

    That he did all the right things and thought he was a certainty. Then something happen and we can’t be certain what, although it may have been the intervention from back ‘home. ‘ It may have been that his Clan wasn’t big enough:) Whatever, he lost and remains deeply embittered.

    He threatened to blow in the media the whole system and Labour’s use of it to win seats. Then he got the K.

    That he has since publicly criticised the biraderi reflects more upon his occasionally losing control of his temper (see his racist ant-isemitic comments to understand my meaning) and that losing still galls. If the biraderi system had gone in his favour who knows what his opinion would be?

    However he still hasn’t fully exposed the real depth of divisiveness, political corruption, misogyny and racism within the biraderi system. It will be exposed , just as it will eventually crumble due to the many young Pakistani origin people who feel dragged down by these arcane back home politics..



    • “it will eventually crumble due to the many young Pakistani origin people who feel dragged down by these arcane back home politics..”
      I agree Will, but it will take time, a lot of time, most probably another generation or a major economic upturn for our area (but I kinda feel that will come rather later).


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