EDM 406 – where is John Healey’s name?



6 thoughts on “EDM 406 – where is John Healey’s name?

  1. The last signature on the EDM is dated 5th September so perhaps both Barron and Healey are not aware of it?
    Moi, cynical? Perish the thought.


  2. Thanks to Rotherham Politics for drawing my attention to this worthy EDM. Barnardo’s generally do a great job but I rarely sign EDMs, as they’re a Parliamentary device with no cutting edge and often just create the appearance of action. Your readers can take a look at my website if they want to know what I think and do, including on child sexual exploitation.


  3. It’s all well and good signing these things generally as it looks like you are doing something ??
    But we in Rotherham are very interested in what’s going on and who is trying to actually do something by openly challenging.
    To date I have not seen anything challenging or speaking out about child grooming and rape and the alleged cover up of such cases in rotherham by both RMBC and South Yorkshire Police by any of our MP’s or Labour Councillors. I am the only Local Councillor to have actually put pen to paper and demand this from both the Council, Police, and the crime commissioner. Calling for such action.
    The enquiry requested by Rodger Stone is a step in the right direction but it is not good enough to have the council set the remit or chose who does this enquiry it needs to be totally independent and transparent the only way this can happen is to have it done totally out of the borough.

    Also I have demanded that the police are investigated by a outside force for their actions or lack of over the past years. The HMIC inspection requested by the commissioner will only see if they are doing things right now.We are more confident they are doing it right now it’s the past years we need investigating.They have forgone our trust after Hillsborough.


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