6 thoughts on “As if it were yesterday – Jahangir Akhtar admits affray

    • Charges that are allowed to lie on file by a judge are obviously not proceeded with, but they do mean that if the person is ever brought before a court again “on the same charges,” it can be disclosed to the court that this person has been previously charged with this offence and this could have a bearing on the outcome of a case.


  1. This man has become an electoral liability for the Rotherham Labour Group, leaving him as the sitting candidate for Rotherham West will hand the ward to UKIP.
    The tide has changed against this individual, mud sticks and when voters go to place their vote what will spring to mind?
    Change the candidate or risk the ward going to UKIP.


    • He is definitely a liability and should be deselected. I don’t want to appear pedantic, but if UKIP were to take the seat there are still two other Labour councillors representing Rotherham West.ward. Though many people would say to have an alternative from Labour in this ward and some other wards would be no bad thing!


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