Why does the Inquiry only go up to 2009?

Let us be quite clear: Roger and the Council leaders did not want an external open inquiry. If they had it could have happened years ago.  Hence it is reasonable to watch out for some Roger style tricks to limit it’s scope. He isn’t called the Dodger without reason.

Something I am intrigued by is the cut off date of 2009. I understand he would like to argue that at some point things got better and a bit of a report in 2009 gave him a fig leaf to do so.

But the 2013 Home Affairs Inquiry stated that it still wasn’t convinced that children are even now protected.

So over to you readers; why else might Roger want the Inquiry to end at 2009?

I have a few thoughts of my own that I will contribute later.


6 thoughts on “Why does the Inquiry only go up to 2009?

  1. eu children running round on the st’s at 2am in the morning , eastwood , masbrough this all started around 3 years ago . to this day still ongoing .


  2. That’s why I’ve demanded a total and independent transparant out of the borough enquiry and the remit for this enquiry should be drawn up by some one totally away from RMBC
    This should go back to at least the time of the alleged child hand over outlined in the Times article
    Thier should also be an investigation by a independent force of south Yorkshire Police role in all this and who covered what up and why (But I think we all know why)

    How can any one trust them they both lost any trust or credibility in my opinion with
    South Yorkshire Police handling of the Hillsborough enquiry.
    Rotherham Council with the James Report (Jobs for the Boys) independent public enqiury cover up which was never published

    I have asked MP Sarah Champion to put politics aside and work with me in trying to bring all this into the open this is above politics and politics should play no part this is about our Children’s safety and making sure the people in a position of trust and tasked with this should be fit for purpose (Not Common Purpose )

    But to date she is sitting on the fence being a good Labour Party Member. See All Hear All and say Now’t
    Shame on you Sarah you was Elected to represent the People of Rotherham and that includes the children of our town it’s your and the two other Labour MPs duty to do all in your power to bring this out in the open not be part of the cover up.


  3. Correction to above comment
    I meant to say the enquiry should be from at least the time stated in the Times article to the present date at least 10years


  4. I agree with you Caven. I do feel that most people have the intelligence to fill in the blanks. One needs to ask how comfortable should we feel having people leading services who are morally flawed therefore professionally unable to lead on drafting services and reflecting sinceley on good practice to improve out comes for young people. A clean start is needed and I hope that those at the top chose truth even though it might mean their political death.


    • Four years of failure, for which Kimber must be held to account, along with everyone else contributing to this scandal that still is not being properly addressed nor accountability!
      Keith Vaz, effectively ordered that Thacker and Kimber should be dismissed, with no pay-off! Why hasn’t this happened yet, we should be told.


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