Labour Must Act – Now!

Ed Miliband, when down with the brothers and sisters in Bournemouth at the Trades Union Congress, tried his very best to convince them he had a plan for the future that would work. For the country? No! His main attention is focussed upon ‘reforming’, weakening many would say, the Trades Union – Labour link!

The Falkirk story serves as a lesson to a Leader, who clearly does not understand the Party’s own Rulebook! Or understand the Labour Party in the way it operates throughout the ‘Heartland’ areas, mostly in the North. Not even representing a Doncaster seat has provided him with the necessary insight! Perhaps, if he spent some time in Donny, he might have come to understand the way things work in ‘Rotten Borough’ territory, hereabouts.

Does he even know where Rotherham is? One is left wondering why Miliband is turning a Nelson’s eye towards Rotherham Borough, when it is clear, the Party has major disciplinary issues to deal with?

What must Ed Miliband do to start to restore credibility and confidence in the Labour Party in Rotherham Borough?

  • Ensure the ‘Independent’ Inquiry is just that, with a chairman who everyone can have confidence in.
  • Put the Rotherham Constituency in to ‘Special Measures’.
  • Announce the suspension, from the Labour Party, of Jahangir Akhtar, until the ‘Independent Inquiry’ is completed, followed by the Party’s own disciplinary process!
  • Announce that ‘Biraderi’ affiliations are as unwelcome as Militant used to be, in the Labour Party led by Ed Miliband.
  • Enforce the Labour Party Rule Book, in it’s entirety, throughout Rotherham. That one in particular would greatly assist positive improvement in Labours fortunes at the elections of 2014.

These measures, when taken together, might just save a few seats for Labour? Certainly, continued inaction, is serving to corrode popular opinion, and voter sentiment here in Rotherham!

Let’s see if Ed Miliband can rise to this challenge? If not, the sense of abandonment felt by Rotherham’s citizens and voters by the Labour Party, will be complete!

Come on Ed, you must rise to this challenge and demonstrate to us that you have heard our voices and pleas for your help!

12 thoughts on “Labour Must Act – Now!

  1. I think Milliband has done the noble thing with the unions but it will kill the Labour party. Graham says he is now more in tune with UKIP than the Labour party he used to shout about, says it for many Labour voters. I personally don’t believe UKIP have all the answers, I am most interested in a vote on the EU and directly binding referendums. I would prefer to see UKIP stay out of local politics and leave it up to the Independents, they will waste energy that would be better directed towards the three MP’s in the borough. As for the economy, it has started to heal itself, but will over heat due to Conservative policies in the not too distant future.


    • Traditional values are important to most people who vote labour or conservative. The redefining of marriage despite huge public opposition has left many voters hung out to dry by all the main parties. Only UKIP stood by those religious institutions and their supporters which will not go unnoticed at the next election however locally I believe Labour will win locally as they do a go job.


  2. Very good comments ‘Rothpol’ and asking the right questions.
    Who would be the leader of the Labour party when not only his Shadow Cabinet is sniping in the background but his paymasters the Trades Unions are gearing up for a fight?
    Miliband is another Labour millionaire ‘toff’ who has no conception of struggling to house and feed a family on an income of less then £25k per year-and their are millions of people in that same situation (But they still vote Labour, how strange)
    To tackle the many issues confronting Rotherham the leader of the Labour party needs to be someone with charisma and who commands respect allied to a keen intellect. Sadly Miliband fails on all counts so unless RMBC undergoes a sudden change and/or Miliband starts taking Bravery Pills with his morning coffee then any and all pressures on RMBC must come from other external sources-including Rothpol.


  3. Ed does not represent Doncaster north. He doesn’t live there, has no connections there, his children and wife are domiciled in London permanently. Doncaster is not his constituency in any meaningful way. He is a career greasy pole climber. Power is his commander not principle. His father’s communism is deeply ingrained. Miliband senior opined in his notebook after arriving in England during the war:

    “The Englishman is a rabid nationalist. They are perhaps the most nationalist people in the world…When you hear the English talk of this war you sometimes almost want them to lose it to show them how things are.”

    That is partly why you will see no national plan, not for England anyway. Fleeing to a country for protection and hoping its men shed their blood in vain.


    • Cherry-picking one sentence out of the many words that Ralph Milliband (Ed’s father) wrote is a bit crappy (… and I am being very polite). To then build an analysis based on that one sentence is seriously pathetic. It reflects far far more on you than it does on him.
      For those who don’t know who Ralf was, see: and
      I met him a couple of times. I just wish his youngest son had the same balls.


      • He said in print and obviously meant it.

        He spent his life espousing an anti national, anti Christ doctrine in a nation he fled to and gave him succour. His mortal remains lay next to Marx whose ideology has inflicted more death and suffering than any other from the beginning of recorded history to last night.

        If indeed Ed had as you put ‘balls’ we might be in a much worse state. Perhaps a better example for those who might dare to dream of such person is Stalin, perhaps.

        By the way, wiki is not a reliable reference source.


      • David said:
        “He spent his life espousing […], anti Christ doctrine ”
        I understand a little better where you are coming from now!
        I agree that Wikileaks is not a wholly reliable source, but at least you can follow-up the citations it gives.
        Have you got the original published source for the 1940 quote that you gave or did you rely on wikipedia for it, or the Spartacus site it cites?
        (I’m not disputing the content of the quote, but it has to be read in context.)
        David said:
        “Marx (whose) ideology has inflicted more death and suffering than any other from the beginning of recorded history to last night.”
        Come on, you can’t be being serious. Can you?
        Marx only died 130.5 years ago, he has a long way to go to catch up with some other figureheads of history I’ve heard of; even if we restrict the timescale to just the last 2,000 or so years.
        David said:
        “Perhaps a better example for those who might dare to dream of such person is Stalin, perhaps.”.
        Well maybe, it’s certainly hard to be generous to Stalin’s memory.
        But it’s better if you stick to a point, rather than this scatter-gun approach – who next are you going to introduce to support your stance – Mao?
        To clarify:
        I met Ralph during my undergraduate years at Hull university in the 1960’s. It was a small university in those days (1800 students – about the size of a medium large Comprehensive today) – which meant we knew the lecturers in departments other than our own (I was studying maths). Ralph was a visitor to the University because of his work-relationship with John Saville who was a lecturer there. I found him a likable and interesting man.
        I am not and never have been a Marxist, or any other form of Theist.


    • Because he can bring in the vote of the people in his community?
      Look up “Baradari” – unfortunately there is not a standard spelling in EN of this word.


  4. David: I hope you meant an anti Christian message as I doubt Mr Milliband Snr espoused the Anti Christ’s doctrine; to claim that would be a bit silly. I The Anti Christ – no way – that’s George Osborne.

    Personally however I’d rather keep religion out of politics. Actually I’d rather keep it out of my life completely. “Wherever there is harmony let’s create hate” etc etc

    Colin; ah errm re this – “Milliband is another Labour millionaire ‘toff’ who has no conception of struggling to house and feed a family on an income of less then £25k per year-and their are millions of people in that same situation”

    Although I agree with the statement I feel you could also insert the names of the ‘fiddling guilty’ ‘City Boys’ Mr Bloom and Mr Farage as well as term UKIP in to the sentence and it would read the same..

    SKT xxxx

    PS:Hope someone missed me while I was badly; maybe not..


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