We must face this issue head on!

It has been Rothpol’s life experience, that until the denial stops, it is impossible to deal with any problem. The child sexual exploitation scandal is just such an example.

Rotherham’s politicians, Council Officers and the Police, have failed the many victims, that have yet to come forward and those victims, whose abuse continues today!

Together, we must put an end to this nightmare, experienced by our children. Only by putting maximum pressure on, will the truth eventually emerge!

Andrew Norfolk’s excellent expose, which includes ‘Jessica’s story, provides us with inspiration to continue this fight for justice:



2 thoughts on “We must face this issue head on!

  1. Hi Rothpol

    As I said repeatedly in my election campaign the real issue is to stop CSE happening. Who is to blame for past failures is secondary. However I have been very thoughtful lately about the Titanic for some reason. Captain Smith piled into the iceberg at full speed. He was totally shocked and paralyzed by the event seems to have suffered some kind of brain freeze that led to a failure to get the maximum numbers of people into available lifeboats. The lesson is: those who cause (or fail to prevent) disasters are not the best people to address the consequences. Yet how many times have those in public office who have presided over disaster insisted on hanging around to “put it right”


  2. Did anybody see the documentary on Cyril Smith last night. A high powered politician and well known public figure that was allowed to get away with abusing minors ( boys in this case ) for so long because, officials in the political spectrum and the police kept it hushed and covered up any evidence that was obtained by those concerned. Hmmm not much has progressed in 40 years has it.


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