An honourable exception at the TUC

Ged Dempsey of the GPM Section of Unite, has been busy. This is the full text of his speech in support of Motion 72 at the Trades Union Congress 2013.

Motion 72 -1984/85 Miners strike – Inquiry into police actions:

72 1984/85 miners’ strike –
inquiry into police actions
Congress notes with profound concern that the
Independent Police Complaints Commission have
received a referral from the South Yorkshire Police
relating to incidents at Orgreave between May
1984 and June 1985 during the miners’ strike and
this referral contains allegations of assault, perjury,
perverting the course of justice and misconduct in a
public offi ce.
This followed a BBC “Inside Out” documentary
alleging that police who were involved in
prosecutions following arrests at the Orgreave Coke
Plant in South Yorkshire colluded when they wrote
their statements, and the 95 miners who were
charged with riot and unlawful assembly at Orgreave
were subsequently acquitted.
All the evidence used in those trials should now
be fully investigated. Congress requests that the
General Council campaign and raise the profi le for a
public inquiry to deliver a full comprehensive inquiry
into the policing of the miners’ strike throughout
the UK and if the allegations prove to have merit
they should be referred to the Director of Public
National Union of Mineworkers
Add a fi nal sentence at the end:
“Furthermore, this inquiry should include other labour
disputes where trade unions have been victimised
by state action such as the imprisonment in 1984 of
the 37 trade unionists campaigning for work at the
Cammell Laird shipyard.”



Ged Dempsey, Unite, supporting this
Motion from NUM and GMB.

I feel strongly about this motion.
I come from a South Yorkshire pit community & family, close to Orgreave.

I witnessed police brutality first hand.
Many of the coppers were from the Met police ……shipped into the coalfields by Thatcher.

They later became the industrial killing fields of unemployment, poverty & despair
A way of life smashed.

I also work in the print sector and know comrades who were savagely hurt by the Police
during the Wapping dispute and the Warrington Messenger dispute.

We know that the police have used brutal tactics in other disputes and protests.

It took the family of Ian Tomlinson four years of hard campaigning to get the Met Police to admit to his unlawful death as he walked home from work during the G20 protests.

We know of the institutional racism of the police –
exposed after the brave campaign of the Stephen Lawrence family.

And we know that kettling perfected at Wapping – and its threat – is now used to intimidate protesters.

And last year – finally – the truth about the cover-up of Hillsborough was finally acknowledged, as other speakers have said.

Disgraceful actions by the same South Yorkshire police force that carried out the Orgreave injustice. A culture of injustice and cover ups on an industrial scale

The scale of the Hillsborough cover-up showed high level establishment collusion in trying to keep the truth about what had happened from coming out.

More recently,,,
We have seen alleged Police and authorities involved in collusion, cover-ups and a deafening silence regarding the shocking Child sexploitation and grooming in South Yorkshire.

A dereliction in duty of care for safeguarding vulnerable kids.

Finally Conference…..
The Miners Strike remains the largest and most potent industrial action in recent history, challenging the hated Thatcher government.

To have the truth about what happened to the miners and pit communities that took strike action and waged such a massive struggle formally investigated
and publicly aired is not only to get justice for those people,

It is part of reclaiming our labour movement history.

In doing this it makes our campaign against all police brutality and the suppression of protest and dissent stronger today.

Conference, I URGE you
please support this motion.”

The Honourable Exception!

2 thoughts on “An honourable exception at the TUC

  1. Ged took an active part in policy and the fringe on local and national issues.He took part in real life and austerity with kevin mcguire of the mirror with a girl called jack.
    He attended and spoke at health and social care with andy burnham regarding local and national nhs concerns.

    Ged again spoke on many issues including; plummeting living conditions. Damaging and costly effects of Pfi and privatisation. The effects of austerity.  The pernicious bedroom tax and Atos measures against disabled. Housing, need for a living wage, investment in manufacturing and a living wage.

    Supported workers in their fights at Hovis and Royal Mail.

    The divisive proposals over cutting the historic links with the party was not supported by trade unionists and many ordinary party members and voters.It would be better focussing on the social and industrial tasks + the incestuous links between the tories and big business/bankers and hedge funds.


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