Jahangir Akhtar is innocent OK!

If a politician is faced with a series of damaging revelations, in a newspaper for example.

A useful stratagem to employ, from the ‘Standard Handbook of Political Practice’, Chapter Six. Damage Limitation, Page 267 – Is for one to identify a crime, of which one has not been accused. Publicly claim you have been! Then make a song and dance about referring it to the Police for investigation and sit back and wait for them to clear you!

You then argue that you have been cleared of all wrongdoing, innocent as a newborn babe and you should be allowed back into the bosom of the Party!

Sound familiar? It should! Our Jahangir Akhtar is trying this one with us and the Labour Party! Don’t get fooled again!

How does Jahangir Akhtar view his own relationship with his own community? From Jahangir Akhtars own mouth, “When I say to them, bow down, they all bow down to me.”

Would love a squint at PC Aziz’s contemporary pocketbook and incident reports about ‘Jessicas’ handover and the other pocketbooks and reports, of all the other Police Officers  involved! They might reveal an entirely different picture to the one painted by Jahangir Akhtar? Why did Ash walk free? We should be told!

Pity Jahangir Akhtars Police investigation will never even look at them, they will no doubt remain unexamined!

Result? Jahangir Akhtar is innocent OK!

Readers may feel moved to contribute to our knowledge of Jahangir Akhtar and the ‘Family Business’, see: Jahangir Akhtar the unauthorised version.

Please Email Rothpol in complete confidence.

7 thoughts on “Jahangir Akhtar is innocent OK!

    • Then you call him innocent, if he is innocent then all of UK is “innocent”.
      he is a criminal, thug who is not innocent, he is a joke.
      no wonder ppl referring to him as “Asbo Fiddler” lol


  1. Hopefully the officers PNB will have been archived and when retrieved will outline the events as they happened.

    Questions that needs to be asked about this saga:

    How did the officer know to contact Akhtar?

    Is the officer still with SYP and if so in what role?

    Is the said officer involved in any way with providing advice on CSE?

    Akhtar has become an electoral liability for the Rotherhm Labour Party, time to replace him before UKIP takes his place in 2014.


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  3. Jangeer Akhtar asks his community to bow and They bow ! What a load of rubbish ! No one in the community respects Jangeer Akhtar ! He is a vile baboon.
    The Labour party must be crazy to keep him on. He has a criminal record for fighting in a restaurant and beating the customers up Breaking a man’s wrist,the Labour Party forgave him. He has kept quiet for years about child grooming. Leading the authorities to believe that it wasn’t an issue in Rotherham. He has helped his relative Ash To get away with this crime. Yet disgracefully the Labour Party welcome him back with open arms.
    If the Labour Party is spineless in getting rid of this menace. the voters will get rid of him in 2014.


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