How to see Akhtar’s tweets?

Jahangir, the inveterate tweeter has hidden his twitter feed from public view.

Our resident technical expert, regular reader, has this simple solution:

Click this link, sign in, get your own tweets.

A “Change User ” button comes up – click that and enter the name you want (eg  @Jahangirakhtar )  bingo!

4 thoughts on “How to see Akhtar’s tweets?

  1. Not Quite Rothpol!!

    It only works with Tweeters who you let you see their tweets. I would never attempt to “hack” into anything. Everyone has the right to choose who sees their tweets.


    • No hack involved, pointed this out, as a simple way of collecting all of his tweets in one go. Those blocked like Rothpol, are blocked and this is not a way round that. Nor would this have been published, if it were a ‘hack’.


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