Smoke signals from the Lubyanka

Twitter now seems to fulfil the role formerly occupied by smoke signals, it would appear.

These two tweets from Garth Dennison of the Advertiser, tells most of the story without the burdensome waffle.

Independent inquiry into child sexual exploitation in Rotherham will cover 1997 to Jan 2013, the council reveals.

Cllr Terry Sharman is appointed deputy RMBC leader in Cllr Jahangir Akhtar’s absence.

See also: Jahangir Akhtar is innocent OK!

6 thoughts on “Smoke signals from the Lubyanka

  1. How can Councillor Sharman be the Deputy Leader of Rotherham Boro Council when he has not been elected as such at a full council meeting which has not yet been held. In reallity the position is first decided by Labour Group before it goes to full Council and that also has not been held. If the back benches of Labour Group allow Rodger Stone to get away with this they may just as well all go home. What a complete set of plonkers they all are. Councillor Sharman hasn’t got any backbone and is well known amongst officers as ”I’ll second that Sharman’.


    • Spot on Peter! This is all about Stoney’s plan to maintain the status quo ie appoint someone just like himself who will nod through whatever he wants and whenever he wants.
      Worse still, it is yet another acknowledgement by him that Rotherham people are thick, can be easily hoodwinked and will accept anything he says and does.

      Be warned!


  2. Peter you know better than most the council is run by stone and the hand picked cabinet all the rest do has they are told or risk loosing there nice little earner Not one of them are allowed to think for themselves or worst Represent the wards and put the community they are there to represent first they all have to follow the party line and do as they are told. Every thing that goes to full council is never challenged only by a few in opposition. It’s a joke you cant debate anything you have to put questions in writing in advance not allowed to use more than 50 words they spend on crack pot ideas using their delegated powers and removing the call in.
    I think that’s why stone is going to China to advise them how to run things


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