More information on CSE Inquiry

From RMBC website:

Terms of Reference CSE

Terms of Reference for the Inquiry Report herewith

Child Sexual Exploitation Update report herewith

16 thoughts on “More information on CSE Inquiry

  1. From Chris Longley MBE

    Dear Rothpol

    Thank you for posting these documents. I am most grateful.

    Whilst an Inquiry is welcome in principle – however belatedly it has been set in motion – having read these documents I am struck that the Inquiry will have no powers to compel anyone other than current Council employees to give evidence.

    This of course means that the Police and Crime Commissioner for South Yorkshire, Ex Rotherham Councillor Shaun Wright, cannot be compelled to give evidence at the Inquiry. Nor will any of those who have previously held elected office or have been paid employees but have now left, regardless of the roles they held in these appalling matters. This is such a fundamental flaw in the Terms of Reference that it makes any such Inquiry without point.

    I am therefore writing to The Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP, Chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee (HASC), to ask his Committee to recommend to the Home Secretary that she should establish without delay a full Judicial Inquiry with powers to compel witnesses to attend and to testify.

    Only a Judicial Inquiry that has the necessary full and unfettered access to all potential witnesses regardless of their part in these grave matters will be able to establish anything approaching the full truth.

    I will copy my letter to The Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP, Chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee (HASC) in this matter as soon as it has been sent.

    Kind regards


    Chris Longley MBE


  2. We can thank Andrew Norfolk for this, without his investigations RMBC would have kept this scandal under wraps hiding behind that dreadful PC language of community cohesion!

    Interesting that the timescale covers the Jessica incident.

    Could not believe my eyes when I read this:

    The Inquiry will tackle head-on the suggestions made by the media and other stakeholders that appropriate action has not been taken by agencies as a consequence of concerns about racial or ethnic sensitivities.

    This before the redacted publication of the serious case review following the murder of child S.

    Rotherham Local Safeguarding Children Board
    Minutes from the meeting of Rotherham Local Safeguarding Children Board (RLSCB), held on Friday 9th December 2011, 10:00am – 12:30pm at Rotherham Town Hall

    Phil Morris and Zafar Saleem are to meet with Inspector Aziz next Tuesday to address any community tensions likely to arise. Phil Morris & Zafar Saleem

    What do you say to that Mr Kimber and Cllr Stone?


  3. I totally agree with Chris Longley that only a Judicial Enquiry will have the power to reveal the truth in this matter. When you read the documents, it is clear the enquiry RMBC propose carrying out is almost certainly under the control of Martin Kimber, which on it’s own cannot be right. The fact that PCC Wright will not be forced to give evidence only compounds the inadequacy of the RMBC proposal. Kimber and Co should be told this is not the way to go about obtaining the truth and that his proposal is worthless! Stop this council wasting our money NOW and demand a Judicial Enquiry.


  4. I am a parent from the so called court case in 2010 even though the men got sent to prison and some walked free even though I witnessed wat the man was doing to my 13 yr old daughter he walked free from court ,, the men didn’t get done for half of the offencers the had committed and there was more men named also girls named and nothing was done ,, the way things was delt with was totally wrong from start of 2008 till now it stinks to high hell and why the professionals think they can let things happen and get away with it watching this happen to young girls just so they could get evidence . My daughter was took away on 19th nov 2008 which tore my family apart in every way we was never offered money to visit it cost us thousands to visit her over a period of 4 yrs visit had to be cut down because we couldn’t afford it . We wax treated like out siders never kept up to date on the court case in other words we was treated like the criminals . We was told we could have meetings to ask question on the way things was handled and about the court case why the men walk free n for what reason to this day I have never been told why ? Just pushed to one side and fobbed off in other words told to keep quite well I think it’s time we was asked about it and then you lot would have a clearer picture of things ,, because till my questions are answer I will never be able to move on with my life I still have that much hurt and madness inside me from all of this surely as councilors and police , cps could give a few hour of there time to explain things to my family and my daughter who is 18 now and is suffering with depression, panic attacks , nightmares , flash backs and so on ,, the men was allowed to move back to Rotherham and we was never given a chance to express how we feel on anything not even when they appealed on there sentences the time they got wasn’t long enough any way they was treated better than my daughter and my family .. So I really think we should be allowed to tell our story’s May be people who deal with these cases might do things different this isn’t even half of what happened to us there is a lot more to this story and I am really hopeing one of you will listen and take time to read this and get my views across to councilors,social services, police cps and public so it doesn’t happen to other girls and their family’s if you read it then thank you because we should be left to live like this for the rest of our life’s no one should not when all it would take is a few hour of people’s time


    • From Chris Longley MBE

      Dear “Totty”

      Before I say anything else I want to wish you, your daughter and all those who suffered alongside you well.

      I have read your words over and over. It breaks my heart that anyone could be treated in the way that you and your daughter were treated, and for so long. It is very brave of you to write as you do.

      So this is what I am doing and why I am doing it.

      I am trying to bring into the open one small part of what happened in Rotherham. I am trying to establish what the now Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright knew, when he knew it and what he did about it.

      Ex-Councillor Shaun Wright held the specific responsibility for child safety in Rotherham for five years whilst these appalling crimes were being committed.

      He was the Cabinet Member in charge and he was paid to carry that responsibility with cash from the public of Rotherham.

      Now he is responsible for the safety of every child across South Yorkshire, and we know nothing from his lips about what his part in these monstrous Rotherham events was.

      I do know that even if I do find out the answers to the questions I am asking, those answers will be no consolation to you and your daughter.

      But I hope it helps you and your daughter to know – even in this tiny way – that somebody is trying to help, even though it is far too late to prevent the damage that was caused and that should have been prevented by those whose job it was.

      You have my admiration “Totty”.

      Kindest regards


      Chris Longley MBE


  5. @ Totty.
    Your story should make the people responsible for your daughter’s and your family’s treatment hang their heads in shame. Before they resign let us hope they are prosecuted and given appropriate punishments.
    I echo Chris Longley’s sentiments concerning your daughter.
    Please do not lose faith in what law abiding citizens can achieve and especially in the efforts of Chris Longley.


  6. Totty.

    Give the solicitors acting on behalf of a number of the Rotherham victims.

    Contact Dave Greenwood at Switalskis Solicitors on 0800 138 4700.

    They may be able to help.


    • Thank you for replys ,,, I am trying to remember parts as I blocked 2 yr of my life because I couldn’t cope with the hurt and my daughter not being at home where she belong,, but for 2 yr I was made to believe I was going to be a witness in court because of what I saw the man doing to her . I went to court with her for over 3 weeks she was giving evidence as she was the main witness witch I was never told . They told me I could be called in at any time and I wasn’t ,, I also supported my niece who was involved and again we had to pay money out for visits and anything she needed and never received a penny back ,, I would also like to know what they did with all the money that was funded for this case because it certainly wasn’t used to help family’s visit there daughters .. I will get in touch with the Solistor as I have every piece of paper work it’s harder to sit and talk about it than it is to write it down ,, and the fact is no one at all ever said sorry to us in any way shape are foam deffo would like to see a number of people sacked and prosecuted


  7. Totty: Any one reading your post will be saddened at the disgraceful way you and your family have been treated. It’s perfectly understanderable that you feel you cannot move on with your life until at least every one knows how angry you feel about what’s happened. Just a suggestion, but if no one else is listening to you, have you considered going to the press with your story,.Surely they would be very interested in all you have to say.


    • I was told I couldn’t go to press because they will be able to print our names if I did I have never told our story in full but it’s deffo worth thinking about ..


      • You were misinformed.
        The story about ‘Jessica’ for example. It is not her real name but was used to protect her identity.
        Please give it serious thought.


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