Some Labour Party members do care after all!

The evidence?

Ged Dempsey’s email exchange with another Labour Party member, serves to illustrate the frustration, amongst ordinary members!

Subject: Independent report:

“Reading about the independent enquiry re Grooming in the Advertiser  left me with a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. I hope, unlike the James Report and Steel Action Report  for example, the entire unabridged contents  ,the  findings ,and  all the recommendations of this  report that the council is going to arrange and pay for  will be widely available  with a full debate in a council meeting  giving no opportunity for the cover ups of the past.

Judging by the almost complete silence from the Labour Party  as they have kept their heads down  all we will get is a load of flannel about how lessons have been learnt , how sorry they are it happened and all that  insincere nonsense.

I hope I am wrong and the opportunity to have a bloody good clear out is taken -it is long overdue.”

Ged Dempsey responded thus:

“I totally agree with your feelings on this odious events against vulnerable kids.

It is not enough to say its a national problem like in Rochdale, Bradford and Oxford.

This happened on our patch and its blighted and shamed our town.

It was not done in our name.

We have a duty to stand up for what is right regardless of the scars.

As alleged its probably true they did not want an investigation instead resorting to platitudes and deafening silence and sweep under the carpet despite the dereliction of good governance and duty of care.

Some seemed to want to join in the deafening wall of silence, close ranks, to fob off and kick into long grass.

This matter should not be consigned to mere party politics and loyalties but to the public good and safeguarding our public.

As a party member on the socialist/industrial wing, I too was determined to lobby national politicians and get it investigated independently.

An independent outside person needs to be appointed by someone impartial. It needs to be open and transparent.

There must be clear unambiguous terms of reference.

The public must have full confidence and get all the findings and those responsible for oversight held fully accountable for the grotesque treatment of victims.

The police must face full investigation by someone eminent, impartial and able. We’ve had far too many coverups and whitewash in our area including Orgreave and Hillsborough coverups on an industrial scale.”

Yours fraternally


Ged Dempsey
Unite &
Wentworth clp

2 thoughts on “Some Labour Party members do care after all!

  1. If Labour clean up their act in RMBC I might be tempted to join them…it’s where my heart is politically but I’m afraid lack of humility and openness, the disastrous consequences of political correctness (which ironically has allowed the lives of some of our most vulnerable citizens to be destroyed) plus the incestuous self-reinforcing relationships between various silos of the local Labour political machine give me pause. It’s time the whole issue was handed back to local communities, supported by the third sector to tackle. It’s heartening to see folk like Ged Dempsey taking a stand…and as a local Independent I’m happy to be considered to lead the Inquiry!!!! although I may have a jaundiced view by now!


  2. At last!
    Now let us see if these two concerned Labour party members will make their views known to other comrades/collegues and help us to bring this disgraceful behaviour by some of their party collegues into the public arena.
    Nice to see some Labour party members have a conscience.


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