Reading between the lines?

This little piece from the Advertiser is redolent with concealed meaning, for those who enjoy this kind of intellectual exercise, interpretations in the comments please:


7 thoughts on “Reading between the lines?

  1. How about:

    “Cllr. Sharman has previously held the Cabinet post for […] finances …”
    But never again!
    This time it’s going to go to Cllr Wyatt.



  2. If Cllr Sharman held the position of Deputy Leader before, it seems likely he will be very, reluctant to give up all that dosh again. Goodbye MR Akhtar, do you really think he is going to hand back such a prestigious role ?.


  3. Since the announcement of the Independent Inquiry and the time frame 1997 to Jan 2013 it is impossible to see Jahangir Akhtar having any possibility of a return until it reports, then….

    Labour’s headache in Rotherham West is becoming more acute as each day passes by. Jahangir Akhtar has already been re-selected to be Labour’s Standard bearer for next May’s local government elections. Akhtar’s popularity has plummeted to the point where he will almost certainly lose this seat and one or two more would likely follow too!

    Labour appears to be trying to spare Akhtar’s ego. Or, are they more concerned with his likely reaction, if the Labour Party did act as it should and suspend his Party card, pending the outcome of the Inquiries and a disciplinary case that should inevitably follow!

    Time for Ed Miliband’s Labour Party to take decisive action and spare the party much grief, as more information becomes public, in a drip feed manner, corroding Labour’s support to the detriment of their prospects in the General Election!


  4. I have heard several independents are preparing leaflets featuring local Labour candidates silence over the grooming issue featuring photos with them alongside the former deputy leader….powerful images and message! Could be the death nail for some!


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