4 thoughts on “That would be – No chance to have a say then!

  1. Google tells me it was announced in the South Yorkshire Times and the Doncaster Free Press on 2 September.
    Dear Shaun;
    please learn how to do proper press releases, and then how to send them out. Trust me it isn’t hard.
    Getting someone to put some text in the news section of your website just isn’t enough, believe me.
    Maybe you could ask Gillian Radcliffe (who stood against you) for help – she really does know how to get it out and make it happen.

    Yours, RR


  2. You can certainly tell this incompetent buffoon was a member of the RMBC Labour group. Typical of the way they consult the public. I feel sorry for the Chief Constable who has to follow on behind and implement some of the ramblings of this idiot. The sooner he is sacked the better!


  3. I thought I was the only one to notice lol. I still sent my ‘suggestions’ off though – via pigeon post as I wanted to join in with the theme of the alleged ‘process..

    Seriously though – Can we have another ‘consultation’ and this time give us all chance to take part.


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