Did everyone at RMBC ‘play down’ grooming?

From last Friday’s Advertiser:


Seems to Rothpol, that everyone from the Council Officers, elected members and the Police have let our vulnerable children down in the most despicable ways!

It is time to hold them all to account!

See also: Are you a victim too?

5 thoughts on “Did everyone at RMBC ‘play down’ grooming?

  1. RMBC should be dismantled as a body by central government, it’s constituent parts should then have a local vote on what their future should be.

    These bloated, corrupt metropolitan councils need binning.

    Bring back Kiveton District and the West Riding!


  2. Since his role in miners strike for goverment. Hartley not done too bad out of quangoes.
    Or as a crony of new labour.
    Int he the same bloke who woz chairman of rotherham nhs and gave us kfc in the hospital despite obesity?


  3. It would appear to me, that they must address the same question too.
    Have The Advertiser, also been complicit in ‘playing down’ grooming in our Borough?
    Time perhaps, for The Advertiser to decide on whose behalf the Press should operate, in Rotherham?
    They are very much on probation, as far as this commenter is concerned.


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