Another corrupt setup?

Geoffrey Robinson has come out of this rather well, opines our spotter:

Wish we had an MP like that , we’ve got a jobsfortheboys setup just like this one. RR

6 thoughts on “Another corrupt setup?

  1. Also from the Coventry Evening Telegraph:
    Coun Ann Lucas comes up with an extra £3million savings at Council House by culling assistant directors, managers and back-office staff.

    Do we want an MP like millionaire Geoffrey Robinson? He of the dodgy loan to Lord Mandy that cost them both their jobs in the Blair led Labour government.. Robinson also had close links to the Fat Fraudster Robert Maxwell so I’m not convinced we need an MP like him.


  2. Re Martin Kimber – I haven’t forgotten this little quote that went mostly unnoticed by most back in 2010. Took me a while to find it again to be honest. Says a lot about him and what he thinks about those that question his little fiefdom and salary of £180,000 plus per anum. Trust this man; I’ve rather fly Ryan Air and I have a fear of flying.


  3. Kimber should be exposed and the Cllrs for not reigning him in.

    His comments are offensive to working people
    Trade unions and people defending their communities from deep cuts by councils and the govt.

    He is the corporate terriorist doing the governments dirty work.


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