Barnardo’s joins abuse fight!

Charity team join South Yorkshire Police in abuse fight


Four specialist charity workers are to help youngsters in South Yorkshire escape child sexual exploitation.

The quartet, from children’s charity Barnardo’s, joined South Yorkshire Police for the launch of a new service on Monday.

They will work directly with boys and girls, helping them to escape sexual exploitation and also raise awareness of the problem by going into schools or meeting with community groups.

Steve Oversby, Barnardo’s Yorkshire director, said: “Child sexual exploitation devastates lives.” Read on….

4 thoughts on “Barnardo’s joins abuse fight!

  1. This is good news, at least Barnardo’s does not have a political agenda. I wish them well in their efforts to raise awareness of this despicable crime.


  2. Wow, some things do turn full circle. As a serving police officer in the 1960’s in Sheffield I well remember the local uniformed NSPCC Inspector calling in to see us at the nick and update us on a very regular basis, at least once a week. We worked very closely with this man and attended many households when and if he was refused entry. Very few incidents were missed in those days as he was one of the most determined men I have ever known. I say, “Bring back these people whose ONLY concern was the welfare of the children”.
    Incidentally, he was made privy to information from the local Social Services, we were not!!


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