Seems Rotherham Politics has upset someone?

Our old friends at Rothbradpolitics are working themselves into a bit of a lather, perhaps we are making some progress in exposing the rotten underbelly at Rotherham Council.
Adding two and two and coming up with five, hints at desperation!
Those behind this post have at least given Rothpol something to smile at, if even for the inaccuracies they peddle and the bile shown. Read it and judge for yourselves:

Rik Van Hegan Rotherham Politics Blogger Interviewed by the Terminator

Well one Swinton Lad or should we say one elderly chap is none to happy to be identified as a Respect Party Co Conspirator Rik Van Hegan.  I never realised that old Rik had an ulterior motive for his Rotherham Politics blog site ie RothPol. Becoming aware through this highly entertaining Video by our dear old friend the Terminator that old Rik is an ex Labour Councillor Candidate who was rejected by his Swinton Peers.  This seems to make complete sense of all the hatred and poison that spews forth from his coffee stained keyboard.

I will say no more other than no community or race of people should be targeted for such insults and verbal molestation as  the Rotherham Asian Community is by this embittered old man.  Sad Really………………..Watch and Enjoy………’Seek And Justify’

Thanks to technology it can still be viewed:

So why all these attacks against certain Councillors and  particularly the Rotherham Labour Party.   Well that is an easy one to answer.  Rik is now and has been working for a certain Northumberland Chicken Farmer by the name of Yvonne Pidley oh sorry Ridley (sorry her primary school associates used to call her Pidley for some reason) I say associates because apparently she did not have friends)).  Yes he has made a pact with the Devilish Respect Party Cronies hoping they were the answer to his dream of total Labour destruction by the man himself George Galloway.  No doubt many promises were given but heh Rik I could have told you George is not one for keeping promises………ask Saddam Hussein……….heh and look what happened to him.

Yes our dear old Pidley thinks by softening up the Rotherham folk with disinformation, slanderous lies and hate speech; she will be able to quietly sneak into our little hearts and become the next MP of Rotherham taking Sarah Champions place.  Er no luv………..not a chance Sarah is not called ‘Champion’ without good reason, as you are not called ‘Pidley’ for nothing.  Oh and there is another reason; from my investigations and communications with your neighbours ‘You ain’t the sharpest tool in the box’ are you?

In the end though we cannot blame this dumpy sorcerers apprentice. What did she have as a role model……….yes you got it the clown of Bradford George Galloway.  The only man who does not understand the concept of loyalty or indeed responsibility.  He first had a spring in his step; then he started to suffer from Hitlers Bunker syndrome and mislaid  five Councillors (lol) and now seems to have mislaid the Viva Palestina Charity Account Books although he claims no connection……. Umm really George?  And worst of all he has mislaid anyone who would vote for him or his party in 2015……. Oh apart from our Chicken Farmer, Lord Haw Haw and of course little boy peep Shaykh Omair Hussain.   Now the Cat wants to Kill Blair and no doubt looking for wife number 13 (George take my advice 13 not a good number).

And who ever said Politics is Boring!  Keep it up George we are breaking our sides here!

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18 thoughts on “Seems Rotherham Politics has upset someone?

  1. This is pathetic, puerile stuff which has an air of desperation about it. Sadly it’s typical of the nonsense that passes for political discourse in these dumbed down times.

    You obviously are getting under the skin of some political crony but don’t let it put you off, it’s a sign that Rothpol is doing a good job.


  2. Is this one of the individuals behind this tripe?
    Said Muhammad

    Sa’id Omar Muhammad is a Revert Muslim (Previously known as Stephen Mullins). A Poet Artist and Author and Multi-Media Producer.

    I understand that this has raised few eyebrows in regional Labour party circles, very poor taste.


    • Oh and did you mean “this has raised few eyebrows in regional Labour party circles” or “this has raised a few eyebrows in regional Labour party circles” ?
      There is a world of difference where you include that one letter indefinite article. 🙂


    • Very true! Fine lady.

      But did you check on what they were saying of the Viva Palestinia charity – just check their accounts with the charity commission. I watched War on Want near destruct during GG’s time in charge – can he never learn for his past mistakes, the fate of the Palestinians is far to important.


  3. Regular Reader.

    Missed off A.

    My poor typing skills at work.

    The desperation at regional and national level regarding Rotherham Labour Group (RLG) is palpable.

    When will they and RLG say enough is enough?

    Will no one rid me of this trorbulet Cllr(sic)


  4. Re the RothBADpolitics embarrassment.

    What a silly statement and video – quite childish in the extreme. But what do we expect from Mr A the bully?

    I do see why Mr A and his poetic buddies chose the Terminator as a theme however. In general The Terminators (yes I know it was fiction but bear with me) were evil robotic psychopaths who’s sole mission was to destroy mankind and civilization with the aim of installing an obedient cyborg dictatorship. (Mr A comes to mind). They had no concept of accepting difference of opinion or dissent and aimed to eliminate any opposition through terror or any means possible. (Mr A comes to mind). To stop any future resistance they targeted rebels for assassination and didn’t care who they hurt or how they did it. (Mr A comes to mind). Creatures without compassion, they ignored the cries and pain of their victims – even if they were children. (Mr A comes to mind. And the sole reason for their existence was simply self preservation. (Mr A comes to mind). ‘It’s all very creepy; but so real.’ (Ooops that sounds like a Hollywood strap line)

    Another reason I can see why Mr A and his poetic buddies chose The Terminator is that it made a star of an actor with very limited and wooden talents; one who was a proven womaniser and right wing / left wing bigot (depended who he was talking to) who’d do anything and take on any role to stay in the spotlight. One that also saw a corrupt politician as his role model (in Arnie’s case Richard Nixon) and throughout his stewardship was proven to put personal and vested interest before the needs off his electorate.(Although to be fair Arnie didn’t cover up Child Grooming)

    Now perhaps I may be reading too much in to this little cartoon but is Mr A trying to convince himself ‘He will be back.” Bless – self delusion is so misguided. (Note to Mr A – it’s the cover up that always get you in the end)

    On a serious note bring back Roobarb and Custard I say. I quite liked them. Or maybe ’12 Angry Men’. – I’d quite to see Mr A and a few more in that one for real. (When’ the tickets go on sale?)


    Actually I think this robot sums up Mr A and his crew better; the lips synch’ perfectly.

    And as for this – Mr A’ personal fantasy me thinks.


  5. Just when the regional Labour party thought that Rotherham Labour couldn’t get any worse up pops this load of tripe.

    Questions are being asked who is behind the clip and if expulsions are in order.

    A comment from Mr Ahktar and Cllr Hussain distancing the Rotherham Labour group from the bile?

    No, thought not.


  6. I am mindful that many readers will not sit through all 8 minutes – it wasn’t easy! Just so we don’t all miss it, from 7m15s onwards shouldn’t this be considered a threat? Personalised to Rik at 7m40s.

    ‘If these people continue to attack and blame…’ This refers to Rik, other bloggers and alternative journalists by my understanding. Maybe even me as a commenter. Anyway, if we carry on blaming we will cause society to break down, terrorists to attack, and for ‘terror and violence’ to come to our streets, even ‘your street, Mr Rik Van Hegan will be terrorism, attacks and violence.’

    Chilling isn’t it? Especially the ‘and this is what none of us want…’ bit at the end. Who’d have thunk it, people connected with the Labour Party using the threat of terrorism to get their own way. Any Labour Party members out there might want to point this out to their national leadership.

    So well done Rik, other posters and commenters (commentors?) and keep up the good work. You must really be getting under their skin and hitting the mark repeatedly to generate this level of frustration and anger… That said, I do find this funny from the same crew:

    If the people behind this vid have no answer to the assertions made on this blog other than threats, then whatever Rik’s ideology or motivation, the information must have substance and I’m grateful that Rik puts it out there.


  7. Not one political comment not one piece of policy, just puerile personal attacks. Strange things is this is what Labour say will happen in the general election now the Tories have the Ausie attack dog. This is just apolitical garbage and all it will do is drive more people away from politics, so go away Mr Terminator and self destruct.

    Dave Smith.


  8. Just wasted 6 minutes of my life watching it – yes I know its 8 minutes but there are limits!
    The argument goes (1) Rik Van Hegan started Rothpol to inform the public about Rotherham politics (2, this point overlooked by Arnie) Labour have dominated Rotherham politics since before the flood and made a pigs ear of it, ergo (3) Rothpol has quite a few articles highlighting Labour shortcomings in Rotherham and that is very naughty, you bad, bad boy Mr VH. Not very hard to see the causal connection between points 1 and 3 there unless (a) you miss out point 2 and/or (b) you are very, very dim Mr Schwarzenegger! and/or (c) economical with the truth and/or (d) got more spin than the Detroit Spinners and the Four Tops singing Let’s Twist Again on a merry-go-round.
    The final peroration seems to be advocating a police state in order to keep dissident elements (ie those who dare to disagree or criticise Labour, perish the thought, Kier Hardie is looking from Heaven to bless you) under control so we can all become compliant free-market-forces-worshipping consumer-drones. A frightening world-view reminiscent of other futuristic Schwarzy films. Truly disturbing yet sadly pathetic!!!


  9. This is a directed threat of violence. I hope you have reported this individual to the relevant authorities Rik. Oh, I forgot the very people who want to silence you and us are now in charge of the local police force! Disgusting but now we know what these people are really like.


    • They will have to prise my mouse and keyboard from my ‘cold dead hands’ before I desist from exposing the ‘rotten underbelly’ at the heart of Labour Rotherham!

      As for the threat? Just part of a regrettable and escalating problem, I’m afraid!

      That this should come from Jahangir Akhtar and his poisonous supporters, demonstrates as nothing else could, their unsuitability as Members of the Labour Party.

      Don’t forget According to him, ‘Akhtar will be back’ as Deputy Leader before we know it! . Another Terminator reference, if I’m not mistaken? What planet is Jahangir Akhtar on?


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