The past comes back to bite?

Rothpol has learned that the selection process for Labour’s candidates in the local government election of May 2014 is being subjected to an enhanced ‘due diligence’ process.

Labour’s NEC have decreed that any prospective candidate with convictions for elections offences, be referred to them for a decision as to acceptability.

Rotherham Labour, have one such among the list of prospective candidates for 2014, Gerald Smith!

Gerald Smith committed an elections offence in 2011 and after admitting his guilt, was formally cautioned by the Police. This was therefore a conviction and we imagine will therefore go to the NEC. Rothpol awaits their decision with interest.

Below is a reminder of what actually happened in 2011, originally posted as, Aston Parish Council Elections – Labours dirty tricks exposed!:

As this post is being prepared, Holderness Labour are distributing this scurrilous leaflet in the Parish of Aston. They must be extremely worried if they are going to the trouble of attacking them in this disgraceful way!

I reproduce a scan of the offensive leaflet:

The following points should be noted:

David Gee is a trained Accountant, but they make no mention of keeping him off the Finance Committee or not giving him access to the full accounts.

Paul Martin does not live in the ward but lives within the permitted boundary for election purposes (one of the Labour Councillors Jane Austen  sat on the Council for some time even though she had moved to Eckington  which is almost in Derbyshire!!  He did not change from party to party but was forced to realine himself as the parties themselves dissolved or ran into problems.

They know so little about our arrangements that they are mixing up a “group” with a party.

Don Blow – Aston-cum-Aughton Independents a group of independent minded folk – part of Rotherham Independents.

Editorial Note: At risk of seeming to be pedantic, a quick glance at Labour’s imprint and other deficiencies suggest that this leaflet is probably illegal!  Not very clever are they?

4 Brook Close, Aston, Sheffield, S26 2GB, isn’t that the home address of Holderness RMBC councillor Gerald Smith? Bit daft to put your home address on a leaflet such as this, I would have thought?


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