Labour in the gutter?

When Rothpol started blogging back in 2008 it was to satisfy a number of largely personal questions and to add to the public knowledge of the goings on amongst our politicians and what stands for the ‘political class’ in Rotherham.

I am sure that Rothpol didn’t do it, to receive the kind of reaction from certain quarters, that has been elicited recently by Rotherham Politics.

Rothpol is not naive, when this blog publishes less than complimentary stories about local politicos, we don’t expect them to like it, an understatement, perhaps? No one expected the reaction we provoked however.

Last December I had the first threatening phone call from Jahangir Akhtar only to be followed by more of the same from Sajid Bostan!

This intimidation was followed by threats to sue Rothpol by Akhtar and Bostan and promises of 500 Taxi Drivers camping on my doorstep. None of these or many other empty threats were carried out, but they were chilling nevertheless.

Apart from Internet Trolling and the creation of RothBradPolitics, which proceeded to carry outrageous stories, largely devoid of political content and containing numerous inaccuracies, things were quiet for a time.

That was, until Andrew Norfolk of the Times newspaper,  started publishing a series of articles featuring Rotherham and the activities of Jahangir Akhtar in particular!

That very night, someone threw an egg at my front window, in the wee small hours! An egg with a message? Needless to say this was most unsettling!

That was followed by a facebook distributed picture of my home and it’s location as well as telephone numbers!

I also remember Sajid Bostan’s words when boasting, that ‘they’ could fix anything and had “fixed the Council, fixed the Police, fixed the Advertiser and fixed the local BBC!”

Perhaps a chilling thought, if founded in reality? It goes to explain the existence of a culture of impunity, as far as the Kashmiri Pakistani, ‘communities’ are concerned in Rotherham!

Biraderi politics and the practise of biraderism have kept their community in ignorance, as information sources were restricted, to the personal benefit of their ‘community leaders’.

This has resulted in the ‘Kashmiri Pakistani community’ falling prey to those, who only have their own personal interests at heart! Not the ‘communities’ interests, nor the rest of the citizens, they are supposedly charged with representing. Jahangir Akhtar being the best, or worst, example, I can think of?

Exposing that fact, has resulted in the severe over reaction, resulting in the latest post on RothBradPolitics containing threats, that no one involved in electoral politics can surely find acceptable? Click on link to view:



Rothpol is still considering his own position in relation to this video and the chilling threats within it.

But one is forced to ask the question, why has no action been taken, by Ed Miliband and the Labour Party, against Jahangir Akhtar? They can’t approve of his actions, can they?

Has the National Labour Party lost it’s moral compass too? Rothpol certainly hopes not!

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8 thoughts on “Labour in the gutter?

  1. A pathetic and amateurish attempt at humour/political comment.
    Is this really the best they can do?
    If you wanted the soft brown stuff to hit the whirly thing you could make a complaint under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997
    I haven’t laughed so much since Miliband’s Conference speech.
    You’ve definitely got them worried Rik, otherwise why else would they resort to this pantomime?


  2. Gutter politics is what labour is all about in sheffield – whether its shutting down a decent school or fiddling the records to look good. People can’t speak out for fear of reprisals.


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