Selection of Labour local government candidates 2014

Came by this from the Labour Party. Wonder how many ways this will be ignored or circumvented by Rotherham Labour Group?

“April 2013

To: All LCF and Labour Group Secretaries in England and Wales
cc: Regional Directors and organisers in England and Wales

Dear colleague

Selection of local government candidates 2014

Enclosed are selection guidelines, the NEC procedural rules governing the selection of candidates, a councillor job description and the code of conduct for local government selection, together with a collection of model forms and reports.

Each Local Campaign Forum with elections in 2014 must seek agreement from your regional office on your timetable and procedures.

If you have any questions on the arrangements for the selection of candidates for 2014 local elections, please contact your regional office in the first instance.

Thank you for your assistance with the selection of local government candidates. We would welcome your feedback on the experience and resources.”

Yours sincerely

Declan McHugh
Director of Strategic Planning and Constitutional Affairs

Full Information Pack:

2014 Selection Pack (excluding questions)

3 thoughts on “Selection of Labour local government candidates 2014

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  2. I am really mad at this.
    As a rotherham labour party member. I have not been informed any shortlisting or selections. So much for upholding equalities and fareness.
    My hubby says same old stitch up


    • You are not alone, Rothpol is aware of a number of Party members who have learned the news for the first time from Rotherham Politics. Glad to be of service to Labour Members too.


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