Labour’s Panel of Candidates for 2014

This is Labour’s panel of candidates for the Local Government Elections 2014:

Ward Candidate
Anston & Woodsetts Jo Burton
Boston Castle Rose McNeely
Brinsworth & Catcliffe Alan Buckley
Dinnington Jackie Falvey
Hellaby Jeanette Mallinder*
Holderness Gerald Smith
Hoober Brian Steele
Keppel Ian Baron
Maltby Amy Rushforth
Rawmarsh Jane Elliot*
Rother Vale Richard Russell
Rotherham East Shaukut Ali
Rotherham West Jahangir Akhtar
Silverwood Pat Russell
Sitwell Kham, Tajamal
Swinton Stuart Sampson*
Valley Dave Pickering
Wales Jenny Whysall
Wath Alan Atkin
Wickersley Sue Ellis
Wingfield Keith Goulty

Just one de-selection, then! Neil Licence the rejected Councillor from Swinton Ward.

Is this really, the best they could do?

Have they again acted, to frustrate the application of Labour Party Rules, in Rotherham?

It certainly would appear so!

Information on the blanks, will be gratefully received. Rothpol

Compare what has actually happened, with Selection of Labour local government candidates 2014

* New Labour Candidate.

20 thoughts on “Labour’s Panel of Candidates for 2014

  1. You have recently run some stories recently of unfair and undemocratic selection processes in Rotherham labour. I want to add to that, as someone who has been in the loop of Rotherham labour selection processes since 2005, I can confidently tell you that selections are well thought out by the few and then manipulated to chose the favoured candidate.

    This has got worse over the years and this current selection for next years election has gone beyond the pale. Breaching of all women’s shortlists to get in the favoured candidate in just as you said and all women’s shortlists in areas with current women only representation. Moreover the process is purposely technical and unwritten to deter ordinary candidates from proceeding. The whole selection is riddled with deliberate confusion and no guidelines so candidates don’t know what’s available or how to apply.

    This is a very manufactured, sleazy and corrupt method that’s in practise. The national Labour party and regional Labour party need to rid the sleaze before this cancer grows into their wider reputation.


  2. So no improvements on Rotherham West from New Labour? Are we still expected to vote for more lies, intimidation and deceit?? So much for a better Rotherham in fact so much for Democracy? Do the people of Rotherham West really want to be walked all over by a criminal again? Do they really deserve such humiliation all over again? And a very reliable source tells me that these selections took place before the ‘temporary resignation’ of the deputy leader of RMBC. I was hoping for some clarification as to whether this list is actually awaiting an update and more to the point, does The New labour government actually have any positive solution for Rotherham West or even Rotherham for that matter?? Or are we heading for more lies and dirty tricks just like we were robbed of the £13K from Mcshane the well deserved predecessor!


    • You are right to question the suitability of Jahangir Akhtar as a Labour candidate in 2014. This states the current position, things are always subject to change, right up to close of nominations, upon occasion.

      We understand that this problem will be addressed later, so as not to upset Jahangir too much. In fact, he is still smarting at being replaced!

      MacShane has his own appointment with justice, not long now. Plea due on November 18th. Should he plead guilty, it will be porridge for Christmas?


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  4. Jeanette Mallinder, who failed to be elected onto Maltby Town Council earlier this year, will be standing for the Hellaby ward. No surprises there.


  5. Good to see Labour has decided to stay out of Rawmarsh, perhaps they don’t want another bloody nose?
    Were the above candidates selected on the basis of good attendance at Parish/Borough and Ward meetings? In the case of Jo Burton she certainly wasn’t selected for her work rate helping to improve Anston or being able to think outside the box.(aka Party orders)
    Same old, same old. A dreary list of nodding donkeys.


    • The blanks are not because Labour will not be fielding candidates, they will.

      I can report that Rawmarsh will not be having Lisa Wright forced upon them next May, she withdrew as soon as there were others similarly interested in getting on the ‘gravy train’. Lisa only seems interested when the result is a foregone conclusion?


      • Gosh!
        You mean there are even worse candidates than LW?
        Until and unless the Labour party NEC investigates RMBC Labour councillors and candidates and the selection procedures why would anyone with more than two brain cells vote for them?
        ‘Lisa only seems interested when the result is a foregone conclusion?’ She was certainly misled in Rawmarsh wasn’t she? Oh dear, how sad.


  6. The answer is simple, don’t vote Labour, it’s not compulsory and I’m sure there are alternative parties to choose from.

    If these shysters get elected and carry on their rotten business then you’ve only got yourselves to blame.


      • I can’t imagine who Mr Daniel Thomas might suggest as “the real alternatives”, particularly now that Dinosaurs are supposedly extinct.
        I’d not come across the gentleman before, but this from his blog really made me laugh:
        ” Democrats want to fundamentally transform America into a third world socialist state on the grounds of equality and fairness while Republicans are trying to hold the line for a free America.” .
        Don’t the call them thar Republicans “the Tea-potty Party”?


      • I am not familiar with your candidates so I shouldn’t make recommendations. My constituency in is similar to yours where Labour as been in power for ever. This as led to complacency, corruption and the destruction of my country (UK) as I knew it, without my consent.
        We are desparately in need of change and the three legacy parties are identical on the main issues that matter to me. Plaid Cymru is Labour lite. Therefore for good or ill, I will be voting UKIP.


  7. I see they have still selected the Aston criminal, Smith, even though he has a conviction for election fraud. I thought the national labour party was clamping down on these thugs and bullies.
    Yes there is an alternative. What Rotherham needs are more Independent candidates who are not tied to any party. We have enough with party politics damaging central government which should not be allowed to corrupt local government.


  8. Shouldn’t Swinton have been an all women short list? Or have they found a loophole to get around the Labour party guidance.

    Smells of a Falkirk; selection manipulated to get a Union rep elected. Whatever the detail it is clearly against the principles of Labour’s equalities policy.

    Are they really saying that there aren’t enough politically good women members of the Rotherham LP? Maybe that says everything about the Party’s attractiveness to women.


  9. UKIP have stated that because their usual candidate for Rotherham West was Caven Vines who is now a Rawmarsh councillor, they are seeking a new candidate for the ward and at this date they do intent to have a UKIP candidate if at all possible!


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