Jo Burton – Laying down the facts

From the Dinnington Guardian, thanks go to our spotter.

Perhaps one might be forgiven for thinking Jo will be after votes come next May?

She may well be afflicted by the same indignity as Darren Hughes last year. Well at least Darren got to experience the same feelings he inflicted on Robin Stonebridge, four years before:

Laying down the facts

My letters to the press were in direct response to Mr Sadler’s recent letters. I wanted to reassure the people of Anston that councillors try to listen to ALL voices and not just those that shout the loudest.

Moreover he does the people of Anston a disservice when he says that they were tricked into voting for a responsible approach to any future building. There was a lengthy discussion at that meeting which included use of brownfield sites, and bringing empty second homes back into use. My resolution was an attempt to bring some of those ideas together in a practical way.

I do not know why Mr Sadler says that I have not responded to his queries. I have written two lengthy letters to him personally, and I have been in touch with the council who say that they too have had extensive communication with him.

The Local Development Framework has been discussed at many meetings. Mr Sadler was often not present which may be why he thinks that there has been no discussion. A lot of work has also been done by “SaveourGreenbelt” in partnership with the council and the MP. I understand that Mr Sadler is no longer part of this group!

Finally, bus companies themselves decide which routes they will follow .The council is represented at the SYPTE along with other partners and has argued to maintain a service in rural areas with some success. Those areas do have a service which is significantly better than other parts of Yorkshire, indeed, other parts of the country; for instance, the X5 starts its day at 4.43 from Dinnington, getting those people into Sheffield who need an early start, and completing the journey in 45 mins, not much longer than a car!

Cllr Jo Burton

(Labour) RMBC

This comment must be from an admirer:

“During the last few days Jo Burton has been delivering Labour’s propaganda sheet which tells the gullible how wonderful she and the Labour party are.

On page 1 of this glossy rubbish it states the Labour party in Rotherham are responsible for freezing our council taxes. Really???
How strange then that the coalition government made it a priority in 2010 to freeze council tax until 2015. Note; This was NOT the Labour party in action.
There you have it, another Labour lie exposed.”

Time for change.

2 thoughts on “Jo Burton – Laying down the facts

  1. jo burton has answered nothing as usual, all she knows is meaningless rubbish with no back up of facts and figures. I hope she keeps it up, showing herself up big time and maybe the electorate will start to take notice


  2. I certainly don’t believe Jo Burton is up to the job of being a ward councillor, at the same time I can’t vote for an Independent who doesn’t live in the village of Anston and doesn’t see a civic centre and services for Anston as the most important issue we have, along with all the rubbish in the grass edges throughout Anston. At the moment Clive Jepson lives across the border in Dinnington, Judy Dalton lives in Dinnington and I understand that Jo Burton hasn’t lived in Anston for most of the time she has been a borough councillor.


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