Ridge Road Mosque – Akhtar clarifies his role?

Rothpol has come by a rather interesting transcript taken from a speech Jahangir Akhtar delivered at he inauguration of Ridge Road Mosque. Most illuminating I am sure readers will agree:

“At the time I was on the planning board which consisted of 21 members and I recall that one of the members actually wanted to move for a site visit.

Now I knew that if they had a site visit, there was no way that they would have agreed to this, because of the parking problems.

So I actually um er debated quite strongly.

That, it was the first time actually, that a members move for a site visit and it gets opposed.

Because, I said look if we can’t read the report here what are we doing on the Planning Board.

Basically I really sort of bullied them into agreeing with the report and not going with the site visit because clearly if you look at the parking problems and issues here, I think it would have been extremely difficult.

But because Allah willed it and Allah gave me the opportunity to be a part of, a very, very, tiny part  of this new facility.”

Readers attention is drawn to this previously published information:

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13 thoughts on “Ridge Road Mosque – Akhtar clarifies his role?

  1. Ok so he ‘bullied them’ did he? Would Akhtar care to elaborate on own words as to how he went about in bullying the planning board? I am sure others would like to know, especially because it appears as if he is standing for the elections again. The public needs to know how this man decides to go about bullying and intimidating and it’s straight from the horse’s mouth. I am sure the people of Rotherham West would be interested to hear more.


  2. Wonder what the Labour Party Compliance Unit would make of this revealing posting?

    This alone, would get Akhtar into serious hot water, almost anywhere else in the Country, but coupled with the many other damaging revelations to be found on Roth Pol, his party card would have been suspended ‘temporarily’, pending a disciplinary process..

    Why is Rotherham Labour allowed to operate outside the Party Rules?
    Do they count for nothing in Rotherham? It certainly appears so?


  3. There have been numerous threats made to residents who have lived on Ridge Road for many years before this mosque was built, and who have dared complain about the inconsidrate parking by people attending this mosque. I understand the mosque was built without planning permision and this was granted retrospectively.The residents have now just got to live with the parking problems that have resulted from this unsuitable building being located on a narrow road, whilst the councillors and planning officers remain unaffected and unconcerned!


  4. It is evident that he will be picked to run again at the next election. For the Labour Party time is the key so hopefully people might forget and move on to more recent news. I do think that change will happen in Rotherham but only due to people making a protest vote for UKIP. If Rawmarsh is anything to go by, who are more than happy with Cllr Vines, it makes sense to vote for someone who is not tied by a party line but actually works for what residents actually want!


    • I think akhtar is more Afraid of the Respect Party. Then UKIP,respect will take most of the votes in the west ward. This will be a very interesting election. There are more players on the field this time.


      • @ Ex Labour. It will be very interesting indeed. I guess The Respect Party will have a good chance but considering their poor voting record so far I think they might only serve to take votes from Others. Saying that I am in no doubt that UKIP will win this seat!


  5. I’m surprised Akhtar has’nt played the ‘race’ card before now. Usually when white people oppose a mosque the mouthy muslims start ranting about ‘discrimination’ and ‘racism’. It happened to my
    M-i-L some years ago when she lived in Sheffield. The Boys-In-Blue still ignore the sloppy and haphazard parking of cars but now it’s all ‘diversity’ and ‘multi-culturalism’ isn’t it?
    So much for Labour cleaning up its act, a convicted felon openly admits to perverting planning restrictions, still collects £200* and doesn’t go to jail.
    * I know he claimed much more but indulge me for a moment*
    Another Labour lie exposed.
    Time for change.


  6. Surely, Akhtar should never have been involved in the planning board meeting regarding this building. He had a declarable interest and therefore should take no part whatsoever in the decision making. This whole planning consent was granted illegally and should be reversed retrospectively. This is exactly the kind of corruption which is the norm in Akhtar’s home country, Pakistan, which he believes he can practice here in the UK. We have laws against it which should be used and it just shows what a gutless set of incompetents the rest of the planning board are to allow themselves to be bullied by this piece of filth.


  7. A declarable interest indeed!

    Why did he not absent himself from this particular planning application decision as he should?

    Bullying, undue influence and failure to abide by the Councillors Code of Conduct!

    This character make a constant mockery of Labour’s Ethical Framework.

    All admitted from his own mouth! Unless he claims to have been misquoted, Ahmed style?


  8. Sheffieldroad 76:
    In the by-election last year The Respect party only had three weeks to campaign. They still got over 1800 votes. That’s with most of the postal votes being posted, Before anyone knew about Respect Party. If the Respect Party got just 25 more votes. They would have beaten the BNP And got third-place. I don’t think the Respect Party should be underestimated. There are a lot of ex-Labour voters who will not vote for UKIP. They will vote for the Respect party like myself. Because They feel the Respect party is very much like old Labour.
    It will be very interesting let’s wait-and-see. I could be wrong…


  9. Ahh errm can I add a little comment re the West Central Ward and reality. It’s my area.

    Now don’t get me wrong – this is not a criticism of ‘other parties’ re the coming elections and don’t take it to heart. I want rid of Mr Akhtar and won’t vote for him – but to think its going to be a walk over for any other party is not the case.

    This isn’t Rawmarsh – basically the West Ward has several distinct areas with very different voter groups. To talk of the ward as one entity is missing some very important aspects.

    Respect may get votes in the Asian community but outside that – rightly or wrongly – they are seen as an Asian protest party and George Galloway’s Middle East hobby horse – not Old or New Labour but simply an Asian Party for Asians. That’s not my perspective. Just a general one. Believe Respect have a lot of work to do to dispel that belief.

    As for UKIP – most I know (the ones who actually vote in local elections) see them as tories in disguise – a viewpoint I actually agree with – but I’m sure some may disagree – as is your right. Another factor is that many voters (locally) have seen UKIP is more than chummy Mr Farage and they have begun to question their stance more. UKIP’s conference disaster didn’t help – Okay I know many didn’t watch it but the news items about Mr Bloom was seen by most. It may have raised laughs but did a lot of damage i a Monty Python way. UKIP will also struggle in the Respect target areas of the ward – can’t see them getting many votes there.

    The BNP have minimal influence in some small areas of the ward and Mrs Guest – the lady who flew her Union Flag upside down until it was pointed out to her – has a core of committed supporters – but thankfully not enough.

    As for most voter – like me are traditional Labour voters and want rid of Mr Akthar – but we are not fools and though many (Including me) won’t vote for him general party based mud slinging at Labour doesn’t impress. A little intelligence is needed.

    Independents don’t go down well. – we had one once – it didn’t last long and wasn’t a success.

    As for the Liberals. Are there any left?

    Regarding Councellor Foden and Sims – they are popular (well as far as councillers can be) because they engage with voters – rare I know but they actually do listen and act. So anyone who thinks it’s a done deal – policies please and say what you will do for the ward. Visit – talk to people about street crime, hot spots, drugs, burglary, the closures of facilities and services, gangs on the shops, housing and say what you really will do and how you will do it. Do some actual (real) research in to the real make up of all parts of the ward – and the needs of all parts the ward. It has many shades and hues. Give real outlines regarding what is needed – not just platitudes and criticisms. Otherwise you will just be sent packing with a ‘of course I will vote for you’ then when you’ve gone seen as yet another door knocker promising the world for votes.

    The protest element is not enough. National politics at the time may have a big influence and simply pointing out the many faults of Mr Akthar won’t hold sway unless there is a clear alternative. I don’t hear talk of UKIP or Respect – just Labour and the Cons daily. As the general election nears it will increasingly be so.

    By all means talk of voting numbers in previous elections and other wards and possible outcomes but in the end any party or individual that is successful has to offer a creditable alternative.

    To point out one positive for any possible candidate, Mr Akthar is not popular ( I am being kind) – but don’t count your chickens before the hatch – he could be gone before the votes are even cast and where will that leave the rest? Chasing second place I think.



    PS: don’t take this post as a criticism – just a pointer. I want rid of Mr Akthar – but I am a little disturbed by the complacency many are displaying as well as the reliance on negative politics as the only way to win. It won’t work. Good luck.


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