Councillor hits back at call to resign

Councillor hits back at call to resign

Published on 02/10/2013 18:06

Controversial parish council meetings in Anston took a new twist, when a councillor was asked to resign over the Rotherham child-grooming scandal.

Coun Josephine Burton was the subject of the demand issued by a member of the public at a recent meeting.

A call was issued for Coun Burton to step down until an independent inquiry into the child sex abuse scandal was complete.

The parishioner justified the call for resignation by saying that in 2007 and 2008, Coun Burton was vice-chair of Rotherham Council’s children and young persons’ scrutiny panel, and retained a seat in 2009.

The panel was recently the subject of a damning Government review for its apparent failure to protect a number of young people from abuse. Read on…

1 thought on “Councillor hits back at call to resign

  1. Another example of ” It wasn’t me Guv, it was the big boys. I wasn’t there”.
    Let me see if I understand this; Cllr.Burton was Vice Chair of RMBC’s Children and Young Persons scrutiny panel but she claims she did not know about the grooming and exploitation of young children during that time. What exactly did you do during your time in office Jo?
    Can you imagine the Vice Chair of any large commercial organisation disclaiming knowledge of wrong doing in areas under his/her remit? Cllr.Burton will not resign, she’s following the examples of everyone else linked to these sordid crimes. Do Not Go To Jail. Collect Your Money. Carry On.
    “Nothing to see here, move along”
    Rhetorical (fanciful) questions for JB. Will you be giving evidence at the inquiry? Will you publish all emails and any correspondence between the CYP, Parents and Social Workers? Will you publish the minutes of all meetings when you were Vice Chair?
    While I wait I’ll make sure the pigs are fully fuelled and ready for take off.


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