Doyle’s walk on part

I attended the meeting of Dinnington Town council on Monday 14th October.

Having broached the subject of the cutting of staff at Davies Court, the council run care home in Dinnington; at a previous meeting it was decided that the council should ask the cabinet member for Adult Social Care, John Doyle, to come and give a report.

He gave us all the usual jargon on how savings were to be made, and the usual wringing of hands on how the cuts were forced on them by this government.

I asked,  if they could get rid of half the staff without affecting the care given had they employed too many staff in the first place.

He told us there had been no forced redundancies, I asked wasn’t forcing part time staff to work full time a way of coercing staff to leave.

He also stated that the union was completely in agreement with all the changes, I of course asked the question if this were true why had they been holding protest meetings.

He became some what agitated when I suggested that instead of attacking legitimate workers they look at cutting down on the amount of councillors.

I had asked my questions in a calm manner and had not made any verbal attack on him personally.

However with the usual arrogance of a typical Labour RMBC councillor, instead of answering my questions he did as they always do he attacked me personally; he told me I was being over dramatic and lying.

When I protested against the personal abuse, the chairman, as if we were at some children’s party, said I was spoiling it for everyone else.

What these people fail to grasp is that these are peoples lives we are discussing not figures on a piece of paper.

It was obvious from what Doyle told us that the most important people are not the citizens of Rotherham but the councillors themselves.

Dave Smith

4 thoughts on “Doyle’s walk on part

  1. Hi Dave,
    I don’t suppose you were very surprised when you were personally attacked, this is a tactic that seems to be standard practice across Rotherham.
    Ask a question, no answer
    Ask the question again, receive “flannel”, hence no answer
    Point out that the answer given is Bu******t and ask them to answer again
    Person now becomes angry because you dared to cross him/her. Person now starts to make personal insults
    Point out that they still have not answered the question
    Person goes red in face, and then turfs you out for asking the wrong questions.
    This is the standard Manual and is practiced on a regular basis as you well know at Anston Parish Council.
    MSG to all Cllrs is simple, answer the question, we wont go away till you do. Funny, the Independent Cllrs don’t have a problem, maybe its them we need to be supporting instead of voting for people who take our money and then stick two fingers up at us.
    Finally, Cllr Favely, who is up for Election next year, was seen recently at Dinnington Bus Station shouting about the “Artwork” that been put up, and getting her picture took with the Mayor, She should be asked “what is more important to your Electors, Artwork that costs thousands or taking the Cares away from the Elderly”. I think I know the answer.
    RMBC Cllrs shouting up for their community, The silence is deafening.


  2. How much did the external consultants charge RMBC for their cost cutting suggestions for Davies Court and the home at Wath?

    And what about the option of flogging both homes off to the private sector, any truth in that?

    Is it true they said that you are spending far to much on looking after these old people?


  3. Doyle said the cook was working too many hours so these had to be cut so instead of a proper lunch they would have sandwiches. He said that the cost of the council run homes was twice what it was in the private sector, there for staff levels would reflect the private sector so would the food. I pointed out that the private sector was not exactly the best model bearing in mind the problems it has been shown to have. Doyle decided to ignore this, all he and the rest of the council are bothered about is saving money even at the risk to the old and vulnerable in their care; as long as it does not affect their inflated expenses. It is time that we rid ourselves of these money grubbing hypocrites.

    Dave Smith


  4. Twice as much as the private sector!

    I wonder why?

    As you walk into Davies Court, none of the putrid smell associated with the for profit facilities.
    No soiled incontinence pads left on carpets, residents treated like human beings as opposed to being just a line on a profit spreadsheet.

    The so called care homes provided by the private sector in Rotherham need to be spot checked every day, lack of staff, the smell and the list goes on.

    Time for voters to punish Doyle and the rest of the Labour group!


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