5 thoughts on “PE More on Sharp practice!

  1. From the report above it is clear Roger Stone knew of CSE in Rotherham in 2006, 7 years ago.
    He is now Leader of the council and on September 4th 2013 he said “……….our acknowledgement of historic service failures and details of subsequent improvements.”
    This is an admission that he and his fellow conspirators tried to bury the evidence and did nothing until Andrew Norfolk exposed RMBC earlier this year.
    The same question that was addressed to Jo Burton is asked of Cllr.Stone; When are you going to resign? You are a disgrace to Rotherham, a disgrace to the residents and most of all a disgrace to yourself.


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  3. The same tactic is also used in SCC – a false claim that there is an investigation under way – just a containment device whilst continuing ‘business as usual’


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