More signs of community anger and concern

Rothpol has been sent this interesting letter from some, obviously concerned, members of the public determined to bring out the truth behind the façade:


A cry for help, indeed!

25 thoughts on “More signs of community anger and concern

  1. It is a bad day when an MP receives an unsigned letter because the writer fears retribution and the safety of his/her family.
    Is this what has become of my country? Where citizens cannot write to an elected representative without fear?
    I’ll not hold my breath waiting for either Healey or Champion to act or prompt an independent investigation (Another one??) into the behaviour of Jahangir Akhtar.


  2. it is deeply sad to see labour party members in Rotherham or shall i say elected members for the community behaving like this, the anger that is felt in the community by the people never felt like this before.
    What is the world coming towards I am saddened and shocked what are there doing as community leaders, there sopposed to be leaders not to be treated liked kings and queens.
    We are living in Rotherham not in paradise, dont the labour party know what there are doing to our community.
    I am shocked and saddened to read and to hear such things taking place in the community, we need a full whack investigation and we want to sentence Asbo Akhtar and his fellow associates who are causing problem to our asian community.


  3. Wait and see I say. Although, to be fair how Sarah Champion replies to anon letter is a little difficult. I would find it difficult – raise the issues yes – but how do you follow it up after then?

    There are strong accusations but will need proof. It contains lot of generalities and insinuations (which I think knowing how ‘the RMBC machine’ works are correct) . But without further evidence and a willingness to present it what can actually be done? Not much to be honest.

    Any one investigating it will ask for evidence. If it’s not presented that’s were the inquiry will be end. Yes I feel for the letter writer (and their safety) but I can’t see this going anywhere simply because complaints need to be backed up. Still I thank them for their bravery in bringing it to light and hope they get justice.

    Personally I have found the problems arise when complaints get to Mr Kimber at RMBC. That’s’ were the cover up machine really gets going. That semantics and avoidance are used and any issues ignored. Where the complaints procedures are followed when it suits RMBC and ignored when they don’t. Although I’m sure you all know that.

    I have written to and met with Sarah with my sister concerning serious issues. So far she is working well on the issues and has been helpful. If this changes I will be the first to complain and let RothPol know. But she seems concerned and has acted to well to date. Time will tell but I give people the chance to shine first – then if no take it further – its my way.

    Good luck to the letter writer – though I think the lack of a contact will make it difficult. Maybe RothPol can help with a confidential contact?.



    PS I replied to the following post on RothBrad claiming RothPol was a hotbed for racist, UKIP and Respect (That rules me out then being a traditional but concerned Labour voting Leftie who sort of argues with UKIP and Respect from time to time lol). It also disparaged RIk – I defended Rik and Rothpol pointing out we have a myriad of views but discuss issues in a democratic manner and agree to disagree like adults and without bullying anyone. It hasn’t been published yet. Maybe its my computer ? (Though Rothpol always publish) Or maybe its been binned – i will wait and see. I will give it a few days and see if they do publish it in full or in edited version. If necessary I will put it on here.

    This is an example of one of Rothbrad’s childish comments. Quite sexist I think and they definitely have no idea about the way Rotherham women (and men) spend their days. Sounds like Mr Akhtar or his historically woman hating friend actually – but I will give them the benefit of the doubt and say it’s not.

    Quote: from RothBrad:

    “In the old days when men were men and used to come home from the pit tired exhausted and walk up their street only to see the wife gossip mongering with the intention of stirring up trouble; the hubby would clearly show his displeasure to such activities. Why? Quite simply because he was wearing his fingers and lungs to a state of nothingness to put bread on the table! Not to allow his wife the spare time to create trouble and discord within the community.

    Rik Van Hegan is that Gossip Mongering Wife and should be ashamed of himself. Along with the odd genuine I.D. commentator who does so also with the intention to disenfranchise the harmony within Rotherham.”

    PSS: What harmony?


    • Hi Sally. Just had a sneaky peak at rothbrad (or should that be rot bad?) oh dear oh dear. They lead with a demolition job on Peter Thirlwall describing his result in the 2010 parliamentary election as a “humiliation”. Shows how much they know – to get 2300 votes as an independent is nothing short of brilliant, especially in a general rather than a by election. I was commended by Mr Len Tingle just for getting slightly under 600 which was three times what any other independent or small party candidate got in the 6 by elections held last autumn so PT’s performance was legendary. It’s also noticeable that rot bad has no mechanism to comment – so much for open debate. Wot are they scared of?


  4. If Sarah Champion does not take action against AKHTAR. then we the people of Rotherham MUST rise up against this Tyrant. We must bring this issue out in the public domain. We must make aware all the voters,The true face of democracy in Rotherham.
    Yes the Asian community in Rotherham are afraid of , AKTHAR / MAHROOF HUSSAIN/ shokat Ali (ex Mayor of Rotherham). That is the truth…..


  5. This family have brought Pakistani style politics to Rotherham! Anyone that knows Akhtar and his family know that they will not hesitate to use threats,intimidation and smears against anyone who dares threaten their very lucrative interests. So the writers of the letter do well to protect themselves by anonimity. But it should be possible to establish the credibilty of some of the allegations that are made without revealing their identities. For without hard proof all the allegations will remain just that allegations, that will be ignored by Rotherham Labour party members, and these rogues will continue to get away with it!


  6. Sarah Champion is a kind, considerate and in many ways intelligent person. I believe that in most circumstances she would make a fine MP for Rotherham.

    However in terms of our Tammany Hall style politics I doubt if she has the power, authority or resolve to take on what would be an unrewarded battle. (

    She also has the problem of being disliked & distrusted by many in the Party because of the way Labour’s NEC “fixed” the selection process. This leaves a bad taste & she is still referred to with contempt by many with contempt, not least by the blessed Dodger himself.

    To this day she would probably be de-selected were it not for the protection of the LP rule book, and no doubt fears that even this might not save if she lost the support of the Council Labour Group.

    Hence her position to bring about change here in the Council is highly limited. In fairness WEe have failed to root out the corruption that has often surfaced in Rotherham for the last 30 years, so what can we expect of her.


  7. Every man is innocent until proved guilty. However if only half of what is stated is true, then there could be some very serious issues here, misuse of Public Office springs to mind. My message to the writer is this, if what you say is true, then go and seek advice from the Police. The Police in this country are on the whole very nice people and will protect anyone who speaks to them in good faith. The Police will support those who are afraid to speak out. I would also suggest that the letter be forwarded on to Mr Barron MP, then all three Rotherham MP`s are fully aware of what`s going on. If the MP`s fail to take any action, then they will also become caught up in the practices of possible cover up. The letter should also be sent to the Regional Labour Office, and copied in to the Leader of the Labour Party. These people, if they are wise, will ensure something is done, because they cannot and will not be dragged into a possible cover up situation. If they do nothing, then they cannot come crying to us when it blows up in their face.
    I feel the pressure cooker that is Rotherham Labour, is about to blow up big style.


    • “The Police will support those who are afraid to speak out.”
      Be realistic! What planet have you been on for the last 20 years?

      Few people, particularly those from an ethnic minority background, believe that.


  8. I agree to a point Will but until the corruption and misbehaviour of Labour councillors is brought to the wider audience the current attitudes and mistrust endemic in RMBC will go unnoticed and the Compliant Drones will still elect the untrustworthy.
    How to break the cycle? Perhaps through education and more publicity but it is my understanding that, particularly in the Asian communities it is a case of ‘vote for me or else’
    Does Andrew Norfolk monitor this forum? He should IMV.


  9. No disagreement with those who want see then back of Akhtar, simply that Champion isn’t the person to do it, and maybe it’s unfair to expect her to. She doesn’t have that power, and we all need evidence.



    • Hi Wil,
      Yes it is hard to expect her to rise to the occasion, but she is in Westminster for most of the week, well away from the RMBC mess. If, as you say, she is relying on the NEC for her staying in office… then she has nothing to lose – and there are quite a few good people down there for her to team up with / learn from.


  10. I can’t see Sarah Champion being able to respond to this without the signatories standing up and being counted. If the contents are true then they need to get a critical mass of folk in the community to stand with them on the issues. The only other way is through the ballot box.


  11. Lot of people claiming that an anonymous letter won’t carry much weight… better tell crimestoppers they’re not needed anymore then.

    Anonymous or not, serious allegations have to be examined. From my time on this blog, it would seem that lots of people have their own stories of Rotherham Labour party’s ‘corruption’. Maybe if everyone who has a story takes this moment to write their own letter to Ms Champion, and she finds her inbox stuffed with the same or similar complaints, she’ll feel compelled to look into this matter. One letter can be dismissed, many letters can’t.

    See, the trouble is, pressure has to be constant and unremitting to have any effect. This letter will never be enough on its own, but if everyone takes the time to back that letter up with their own experiences/evidence/whatever they’ve got, and they do it now, then perhaps someone will listen. It’s election season already remember and no-one on this site will underestimate how powerful self interest can be… Isn’t that what we’re all complaining about with our current crop of shysters? Individuals acting in their own interest? Let’s remind the labour party (through our MPs) that no election is a foregone conclusion, and that it does matter to the public whether our local elected officials serve with integrity.

    And of course… stop voting for these idiots and find a sensible independent candidate to support. Or stand yourself… there are individual posters and commenters (from the left, right and centre) on this blog who would make great councillors. So let me be the first to welcome the arrival of the ‘RothPol Alliance’ a collection of candidates with different views, but all sharing a love for Rotherham and its people. Criteria required… honesty, integrity, common decency.

    ‘RothPol Alliance – Better than the current lot’



  12. I agree that it may come down to the electorate of Rotherham West next may to get rid of him..If Akhtar stands for Laboour in a ward with a large Pakistani population it will take some doing to get him out, but it can be done. The BNP have said if UKIP can put up a credible candidate they will not stand in this ward, thus giving them a better chance of ousting this despicable person.


  13. Oops someone is very unpopular boo hoo ….stop bloody voting for these unethical…ill mannered. …awful stench disguised as political care bears!


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