What’s the story? – six

Rotherham Politics’, thanks to our  doughty researcher, we are able to bring readers more on, the ever expanding Akhtar ‘family’ property empire:

89 Pitt Street, Rotherham. S61 2PB
52 Devonshire Street, Masborough. S61 1AG
35 Dovercourt Road, Rotherham. S61 1SQ

What’s the story?

1 thought on “What’s the story? – six

  1. I find this situation extremely worrying.
    In the 1950’s/60’s there was a landlord named Peter (Perec) Rachman, a Polish immigrant, who bought up many properties throughout London, forced out the sitting tenants, mainly white people and replaced them with immigrants, mainly West Indians. He was then able to abuse his tenants, because he knew they would not complain to the authorities, and failed to maintain any of his properties for which he demanded extortionate rents. These people were left to live in extremely squalid conditions paying massive amounts to do so.
    Is this what is happening here? with Akhtar’s knowledge of the number of Eastern Europeans and others coming to Rotherham as migrants, are this family likely to become part of a system which for years was known as Rachmanism?
    I hope not, but it makes you think!


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