Rotherham Against Cuts

Just to inform your forum that Rotherham Against Cuts is a group of local people who belong to no specific political group who campaign against the demonising of those on benefits (60% who are in work) as part of the Tory historic belief to get rid of any notion of welfare and to sell the idea that Private is better than public.

We meet at St James Community centre ( At rear of the Church) on a Wednesday from 3pm to 5pm and on a Sunday from 630pm to 830pm.

We are planning to join the South Yorkshire Peoples Assembly and the National Peoples Assembly campaigning against the Cuts in its call for a day of action on Nov 5th.

Contact Tom on 07806814176 for more info.

9 thoughts on “Rotherham Against Cuts

  1. I’d like to change ‘tory historical belief’ to ‘political elite’s belief…’

    The fight against austerity is not left versus right, tory versus labour or business versus worker. It’s a tiny political and financial elite (with no party allegiance) who have taken control of all the major political parties in this country verus EVERYONE else.

    It is unhelpful to frame this argument as if this were still the seventies. This group must attract people who would tend to vote tory, lib dem or ukip as well as the traditional left. It will then be viewed as legitimate opposition instead of being easily dismissed as a collection of ‘rabid lefties’ as it has been in the past. Austerity, cuts, zero hours contracts etc have an effect on all of us, regardless of political persuasion. Council estate or leafy suburb, the elite are coming for you, ready to take everything you have.

    So do contact Tom, even if you consider yourself ‘middle class’. A group like RAC are only as strong as the voices within it. No-one wants to listen to a choir comprising only baritones, or only those high pitched squeaky ones. A collection of different voices sounds better and attracts more people. Knowing Tom as a good, decent human being who cares deeply about these issues, it is right that he and his group get YOUR help to make a difference. Old Labour, Respect and Tusc are represented already but a coalition of the left is not as strong as a coalition of EVERYONE.

    PS: It is only right to mention that I was involved in the initial setting up of Rotherham Against The Cuts. I drifted away as it became clear that a centrist’s views were not particularly high on the agenda, the socialist view being predominant. Hopefully now, as cuts bite deep into everyone’s lives, Tom and his group will gather more support from those who may have felt uncomfortable in its previous iteration. So do go along, I’m sure that Tom and his colleagues will welcome you with open arms in the spirit of solidarity for Rotherham and ALL its people.


  2. An organisation that proclaims it ” is a group of local people who belong to no specific political group ” and then uses the language of the left is not politically independent.
    My initial reaction to their opening line was one of hope until I read ” the demonising of those on benefits (60% who are in work) as part of the Tory historic belief………………………”
    No mention of campaigning against RMBC to get its own finances in order or fighting on behalf of disadvantaged people.
    If my understanding is correct then this is another Labour-front organisation.
    I’ll wait until contra evidence is published before I reconsider my views.


    • Colin, that’s exactly why you and others who may share your political views SHOULD go along. If it is to be a group for Rotherham people, as I envisaged it would be when it began, then it’s important that ALL views are represented. A group of socialists will not reach out further than other socialists – in the same way that a group of ukip voters (for example) will not reach out to the centrist majority either.

      Rotherham Against the Cuts have fought manfully for the disadvantaged, but I’ll let them defend themselves against that claim if they so wish (and it would be harsh to call it a labour front). Those fights have been unsuccessful because people fight their separate fights instead of standing together. You mention RMBC; that particular fight isn’t left or right, it’s against corruption and incompetence. People better start to stand together or we will all fall apart.

      So get yourself along, film the meeting if you have to. If you’re not welcomed then you can come back on here and tell everyone of your experience. Tom has said that no specific political group leads the way for RAC, so at least take him at his word until you know better. It WAS a group of the (further) left, maybe now it isn’t. Go along and let us know.


  3. @ Warren Vale.
    I was almost persuaded by your cogent argument until I decided to re-read this part of R.A.C statement:
    “We are planning to join the South Yorkshire Peoples Assembly and the National Peoples Assembly campaigning against the Cuts in its call for a day of action on Nov 5th.”
    So I read the draft statement of the Peoples Assembly.
    If this is not a left wing organisation then I don’t know what is. Anyone with right of centre views would be as welcome as an arsonist in a fuel depot.
    I stand by my original views.


    • Colin,
      I’m just stoked that anyone is even ‘almost’ persuaded by anything I ever say! 🙂

      PS: I guess I’m just an idealist (fantasist maybe) who believes that anything calling itself ‘Rotherham Against…’ should include voices from across the whole Rotherham spectrum. Just a semantic issue with the name I guess.


  4. I will support it – but then again I’m the sort of Leftie UKIP hate – i actually care about the victims of the cuts rather than just going on and on and on about Europe.


  5. Hello again-from Tom Donaldson of Rotherham Against the Cuts (RAC).

    Well first thanks to those that have acclaimed my integrity and open arms approach -to our forum-but i must also attempt to clarify some 0f the mix-up that my initial statement on promoting NOv 5th that RAC along with South Yorkshire Peoples Assembly is involved for a day against the Cuts-titled Bust the Austerity.

    There is nothing wrong with pedantry and looking into what a message is claiming to say-though semantics can be -confusing and end up in both the actual pedant and accuser of pedant, getting into Suma wrestle-that can take up valuable time. So as the originator of the message restating what he was attempting to say or thought he did say let me try and clarify but also add some of my individual concerns -which I know that most contributors of Rothpol seem to have.

    It has to be said that Warren’s insight to the language used by the Peoples assembly being leftish language is true and as a an initial old- Labourite who believed that they represented the working class interests against the harsh forces of capitalsit and capitalism -and now someone who seeks a total step by step pursuit for a new type of politics that is not elitist -preachu -know it all arogance etc, and top down; but seeks a new form of politucs that eminates from bottom up -at street to street level and each local area-with a horizontal decision making arrangement.

    As the reality of what the last 200 years has proven is that Party Politics with its elitist patronising assumptions that we need to be preached at and told what is good for us has miserably failed and causes nothing but fractions in society.

    The person that stated that I said we were not political has misread my statement- because what I said was ‘that we do not belong to any particular political grouping’. That does not mean that we are not political because any individual or group of individuals -who maybe belong to a particular political party or vote for a particular party (whther because he/she supports them or for tactical reaasons ) or may not participate in the voting arena at all -can belong to a group that can acclaim they are not ‘attached to any political grouping’. It may have been better that I actually stated ‘belong to a political party’ -as it would be contradictory to state that ‘we don’t belong to any political grouping’ -as in fact we are a political grouping -as that is why we formed in the first place. BUt we are an activist political grouping.

    However we will rail against Labour as well the Coalition or any political party or grouping that undermines or uses unfair tactics and lies about what it actually is about. For instance we are against UKIP because it uses polemics and subtefuge of what it really is about-where it stemmed from -and what its real policy about withdrawing from EU and stemming immigration are about.( I won’t go into the withdrawal from EU is about but as i stated the last time George Galloway visited Rotherham -that their racism -especially Farage’s is also ‘hating the French and Germans’
    I am speaking here not on behalf of RAC but in my personal capacity with an insight of politics as a lecturer of Politics, and as a past party political and Labour Party member. ( So the guy that said we were a Labour Party front organisation or grouping could not be further from the reality. Also this is where Warren’s suggestion about paying a visit is the best way to sort out what a group or individual is about. It’s the old adage -you can never know someone or group unless you see and hear them yourself.

    Though I hope I have a reasoned insight and understanding of how politics and so called politicians -behave when spouting out their goods/manifesto and why they were formed.
    UKIP is the far right of conservatism and is party for business over the welfare of the mass of hard working people. The week after the near 500.000 people made up mainly of trade unions marched in London OCt 2011 over pensions and attacks on people on Welfare -was followed the following week by UKIP demnading more CUTS.Fargae’s true beliefs on race when a teenager and young man were revealed by Channel 4 , and his disdain for other ethnic groups have now been revealed -and though anyone can temper their views with maturity -his current soft talk on immigration is pure politics in order to attract as braod arange of voters his partyy needs to make an impact on the national or local votes. It could be said that he is a very cunning politico at least not to be labelled racist. However -it has to be said such racism has popular support as many in any population hold racist views. Any political grouping has to face the fact that many people are racists and/or territorial or both and unless the Left and any other poltical party or grouping start to check why it is so prevalent in their society ,as it is many other societies -we who are political and do not want to talk about the elephant in the room -will never be able to get either integration or harmony in this society

    I did want to say more but feel that I am now rambling and therefore will say that Warren’s point about Peoples Assembly sounding Leftish as stated is correct but there are afew seasoned political activist that were around to temper some on the Left who let their anger or hate for the Right to overcome them and start left rhetoric-so you were spot on.

    You were also spot on when you say that we need a broad base grouping. I think where i would differ from you is that we do have a set of morals and beliefs that are baesed on fairness -justice and equality (Which are similar to Respect Party ) and such values belong to left parties or centrist like Old Liberal party and Old Labour, and George Galloway whose political leanings are of left and clearly socialist-was weened on such values and morals in a asociety that disdained the working class -the class he belonged to and still holds an affinity to.
    My own personal view without getting into semantics with any of the contributors to my initial promotion of -Rotherham doing something on Nov 5th -so as just to ensure we can voice our concerns and start to campaign much more than we have been doing-in order to counter the lies and demonising of the POOr. Britain has a history of doing that and the sad fact is that many working class who have come up in a britain with a comprehensive Welfare state are the very ones that are believing in the hype that Daily Mail and Murdoch’s Sun -as well as Express -hype up the worse cases of abuse of the welfare system. Mnay people are not aware that 90% of media has a consevative orientation and an anti worker and trade union stance.

    So in conclusion unless we are willing to do -as well as write- and deliberate -as the old adage states -ACTION speaks louder than Words -the governments of any shade and the racists will get away with their insidious agenda and the fact that britain was not only the first to industrialise -it also learnt how to divide and rule-and it does this very successfully. And though discussions and debates are necessary -Evil can only prevail whilst good people sit by and let it.

    and I would urge that our time for seeking change is not infinitive so each generation must stand its ground against the evil and demonising that is whipped up -and any group whether standing away from official political party status or otherwise that knows its history -needs to join forces with as many concerned individuals or groupings that seeks to end the Poltics of hate that besets all societies. ta tom d


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