Eastwood – Reflections from a Conservative perspective

Litter infested streets, houses crying of depravity and a sense of failure and misfortune. That’s how it feels walking the streets of Eastwood these days.

Personally speaking, I don’t recognise this section of Rotherham any more. For a brief period in the early 2000’s, I lived on Grosvenor Road with my family. The decay hadn’t quite set in then and Eastwood was a relatively mediocre but friendly enough place to live.

Fast forward over ten years, and the abysmal state of Eastwood makes one question whether it’s even Britain, let alone Rotherham! I refer to the dereliction and abandonment of this area which seems to have accepted decline and dismal nothingness. I’m not interested in pointing the finger at the Council or at certain individuals, but it is a source of great concern to us all in this town that every migrant community in the world is being discarded into Eastwood and cast to the periphery of the social community. Uncared for and forgotten. Just because we are committed to reducing net migration in the UK, that does not mean that we simply abandon or cast aside those who are already here. That would be inhumane, yet it is happening in Rotherham.

It is no surprise that there is such a lack of cooperation from both British residents and the migrant inhabitants of Eastwood because people seem to have accepted what is fast becoming an unbelievably obvious apartheid. Crime rates are forever rising, the streets are either swamped with litter or blood stained; it’s like a scene out of Beirut.

Where is our pride in our community? Where is the community spirit? I regret to say that it has perhaps been buried under the conniving banner of multiculturalism, and state multiculturalism at that! Eastwood has effectively been ‘ghettoised’ in the past few years, and any decent person would not be afraid to admit so. But what is the solution? After all, I did say that I’m not here to point the finger.

The answer can be summed up in one word: integration. People seem to underestimate the power and the effect of integrating, communicating, and uniting as one. We must accept that ‘state multiculturalism’- where people don’t speak to each other and enforce their own culture within their own community is a flawed concept and a concept in which extremism and division breed and thrive. Education on both sides is required and on an industrial scale. However, this cannot be a long, drawn-out process. There has to be some sort of transitional period where people are adjusting from their native culture to British culture. After that brief, interim period they must then be encouraged to break down barriers and communicate with each other. That’s the only way that we’re going to establish a unified and decent British race. Frankly, relying on a state which promotes welfare instead of work is the catalyst to a failing nation, and I’m quite certain that none of us is prepared to accept a failing Britain after emerging victorious in two world wars. Any individual who is opposed to such a view, irrespective of where they stand politically, is part of the problem that we face.

There has to be an onus on communities talking to one another, accepting one another and respecting one another, united by a common language and common values and beliefs. Eastwood can seize the initiative and take a lead as far as that is concerned. The walls must be torn down and our common values of living together, working together and cooperating as one community must be the lynchpin of every section of Rotherham. Promoting the English language is another way of ensuring integration and communication. It is vitally important that we accommodate people where it is practical and necessary but there has to be a limit to that, and we ought to meet each other half way. I have been to the doctor’s surgery and various other places with notices in numerous languages that I do not understand. There’s nothing British about that!

It is not racist to ask people to speak English, nor is it racist to ask people to integrate. The biggest racial discrimination lies in multiculturalism, where people do not have to speak to one another, where they can form their own ignorant views on each other without any respect or consideration for the people against whom they are stereotyping.

I think people ought to support, promote and encourage these ideas and beliefs. The Council can really make a difference in Eastwood if they learn to adopt these principles and stop using Eastwood as a dumping ground. It deserves much more, Rotherham deserves much more.

Omar Mehban, Prospective Conservative candidate, Hellaby Ward.

30 thoughts on “Eastwood – Reflections from a Conservative perspective

  1. Fantastic rhetoric Omar, but I notice you don’t tell us HOW we integrate other than promoting the english language. Learning english should be a given for anyone entering Britain from anywhere if they intend to stay… Forget integration, it will just make an immigrant’s life that much easier. I know that from personal experience, having lived and worked abroad.

    Don’t waste everyone’s time being yet another political blowhard – talking about principles, but forgetting the details of how you put those principles into practice.

    You say: ‘One word, Integration’ – I say, ‘One word, how?’ I’m sure the voters of Hellaby, will await your detailed policy response with great anticipation.


  2. No need to explain yourself Rik, Omar has been around the local political scene long enough to know that WE will see this for what it is, pre-election positioning, so he’ll have to answer the tough questions. I want integration. I want people to get on with each other. I also want free unicorns for everyone. Thing is, I’m not standing as someone who can make it happen. Omar will have to tell me how he plans to do it, just as the Labour, UKIP, Repect, TUSC and Independent candidates will have to also. I’m challenging him as I would with the others… and Rothpol is the ideal vehicle for him to do that. So I’ll wait and listen with open ears for the detail… should it ever arrive. I hope it does because, and this would apply to all candidates for next year, detail and clear intentions would make a lovely change from the nebulous, airy-fairy, politico-speak that we’re all so sick of.


  3. having close mates living in eastwood for over 40 years i can give you one word to all the answers…..landlords .20 million was spent on eastwood , every house…new doors, windows, gutters, pointing etc…today its a getto . kids on the st’s at all hours, adults partying most nights … the large asian community have now left the area . what is left is a very large roma community who dont what to know about how be a good neighbour .rmbc spend every week in eastwood cleaning the waste away only to be back again the next day . when the 20 million was spent 10 years back eastwood was left , a landlord scheme was to be put in place …this never happened …why ? someone at rmbc knows the answer to this , all that money down the drain . eastwood will never be like it was .


  4. Omar is absolutely right. Firstly, all the notices in languages other than English must be torn down. These people are living in Britain, speak English or leave. Secondly, it is the people of Eastwood who have made it what it is. They obviously choose to live in squalor so leave them to it as they are the only ones who can do anything about it.
    Surely, integration means that when you go to live in another country, you should learn to live as the people of that country have lived for generation after generation. Not as the Muslim community believe, that all people must embrace their culture or else. If you don’t, you are a racist!


    • Wow, anonymous, what a disturbing comment. Talk about stigmatising a whole community… How about starting integration by NOT stereotyping broad swathes of the Rotherham population? ‘choose to live in squalor’? ’embrace their culture or else’?

      So disturbing, on so many fronts. Hardly surprising that Rotherham’s small minority of immigrants may feel safer and more secure surrounded by other immigrants if this attitude is heard.

      Saying that you believe multiculturalism as an experiment has failed does not make you a racist… Saying that the Muslim community believe you must embrace their culture or else DOES make you a racist. In 50 years not one single muslim has ever told me that I have to embrace their culture or else.

      Curious to hear whether other Rothpol readers agree with your comment. Maybe I’m in the minority.


      • no , but roth pol might not want to acknowledge that.

        What about all those Brits that go abroad and STILL DO NOT either learn the language of the host community ( God forbid that English people should ever have to learn another language, let alone speak it! ……..) or even recognise that they might be living in another culture.There are Little Britains everywhere.


    • anonymous…, i have mates who live in that area …have done for many years….NONE of them want to live in squalor …. its the roma people that have made eastwood a mess….followed by the bad landlords….and we all know who they are .


    • oh my days Anonymous how come this is a muslim problem, as ronnie says the large asian community has left the area and the eastern european migrants are not muslim. there wasnt a problem with eastwood when there was a large muslim presence


  5. The last time I responded to a similar article on A.N. Other forum and concluded my post with the words; “All immigrants should integrate or emigrate” I was accused of being everything from a Nazi/Nationalist/Little Englander/a BNP member. Coo. Fancy that.
    I’ve always held the view that the ability to speak and understand English must be a prerequisite for a visa to settle in Britain. Now I see my view is gaining wider recognition (I do not claim any credit for this) If you read and understand the visa requirements for Australia,New Zealand and Canada for example being able to communicate effectively in English is one of the conditions that has to be met. Why should Britain be any different?
    Because the spineless leaders we have been lumbered with for the last 30+ years have not and will not disobey the EU and are literally frightened of being labelled ‘racists’. Including of course Blair’s ‘open doors’ policy in an attempt to force wages down and his ideological mantra of ‘rubbing the Right’s nose in it’…..(Immigration).
    Who will stand up for Britain? Who will implement policies to restrict mass immigration? Where is the strong leader who will take affirmative action?
    Why don’t we become an Australian protectorate? It works for me.


  6. Hi Warren, Saying that the Muslim community believe you must embrace their culture or else DOES make me a racist. Well in that case, I’m proud to be a racist!
    I’m not of course but I am not blind to what has happened to this country, which, I’m afraid, you must be if you say “In 50 years not one single Muslim has told me I have to embrace their culture or else.” We are constantly told that the Muslims want Sharia Law in this country, which is totally opposed to our British culture, that we must not question their religious beliefs, even if they are medieval in their thinking and culture. You appear to be as bad as they are, with the belief that if you don’t agree with our religion, culture etc, then you are racist.


    • ‘We are constantly told that the Muslims want Sharia Law in this country’. Are we? By whom? On what tv channels? On what radio stations? In which newspapers? Please help me see.

      If I am ‘as bad as they are’, and the way you choose to express your views is considered appropriate by other rothpol-ers, with no hint of racist overtones, then I’ll be quick in offering you an apology.

      Blair and New Labour did immeasureable damage to the fabric of inner city life with their callous and slip shod approach to immigration and multiculturalism. Real questions need to be asked, politicians need to be held to account, and real solutions need to be put forward, but these can all be approached without resorting to the language of the far right. Let me be very clear for you, anon; you are NOT racist if you disagree with another’s beliefs. You ARE racist if you claim that the entire muslim community are threatening you (the ‘or else’ comment) into embracing their culture.

      As I said, maybe I’m in the minority. What do others think?


      • The only voices that I’ve heard saying that “Muslims want Sharia Law in this country” are those of the EDL, but I can accept that some extremist Muslims can have the same objective; but they are a very tiny minority of Muslims – and let’s face it extremist-anybodies have pretty weird ideas.


  7. I agree with Warren I don’t read the daily mail or take notice of the BBC propaganda machine nor am I bleeding heart liberal. I am also 50 and I have never been threatened by Muslims to accept their culture or else. Comments like anonymous are seized upon by the likes of roth brad poll and that does not do Rotherham any favours at all.


  8. I must admit I was incredibly disappointed by Anonymous’ comment. This Muslim certainly hasn’t and never will force his beliefs on anyone else, nor would I want to implement Sharia Law in Britain.

    Warren Vale: if I knew the answer to that, I’d be a millionaire, and perhaps a Government advisor! 🙂

    On a more serious note, it’s a very potent question which I think can be explained in 3 key steps. 1. Education, as mentioned in the article. 2. Knowing your Neighbour (more details below) and finally 3. ‘Fusion’.

    Knowing your neighbour basically means making conversation with them and getting to know them. This can work for both those who come into the country and those who notice new people moving in on their street. Good, regular communication is a great way of learning and incorporating a new language, as well as familiarising others to a culture that they may not be familiar with. But as I say, if Eastwood is being used as a dumping ground, then what chance have we got? There has to be an equal level of people in each area and that’s not happening at the moment.

    Finally, as simplistic as it sounds, the final stage of ‘Fusing’ means just that. Joining local clubs, associations, events and societies. There’s no better way of integrating yourself in a new environment than to join in the things that the locals do. At the Conservative Party, we have a Friendship Scheme open to all, where you can join as a Friend for £1 and with that comes great benefits. Those not into politics can of course find associations and clubs that match their interests. But this places the onus on the individual to actually get out there and make a conscious effort of integrating, which is always welcomed.

    So, the council can definitely assist as far as learning the language and your neighbours is concerned, but after that, migrant communities can go one step further so that they are contributing to society. Worked for my grandparents!

    Nobody is saying that this is easy to do, or can be achieved in a short period of time, but don’t knock it, RMBC, until you’ve tried it! (Hope that answers your question)


    • Thanks for the answer Omar, you’ve just set the bar for any other prospective candidates when they bring their campaigning to this blog. (Better answer than I perhaps expected too, although not sure that ‘an equal level of people in each area’ would ever be possible.) 🙂


    • You raise several interesting points and some I will agree with but…………………How much influence does the Labour party have in Eastwood? Do RMBC Labour councillors for Eastwood use local TARA’s to peddle their party’s propaganda (As Labour RMBC councillors do in Anston) Does the Labour party expect more votes from immigrants dumped in Eastwood ?
      Councillors Barry Dodson, Emma Wallis and Shaukat Ali all bear responsibility for the current state of affairs in Eastwood. All three are Labour ward councillors.
      If immigrants are rehoused in Eastwood and they cannot speak or communicate effectively in English then of course they will stick together with other people from the same culture. The Labour party has a history of encouraging immigrants to Britain and then dumping them in what are effectively ghettos while at the same time encouraging them to vote Labour.
      Perhaps we are all to blame for letting this happen.


  9. Anonymous, your comment regarding only having English notices is something I support. The money and resources wasted on various language signs, notices and literature is unnecessary.


  10. A well written piece but not something I can endorse – I’m sure this will come as a great delight to Omar!

    I understand why he has written this and I accept Eastwood needs pulling up sharply before it falls into even further decay.

    The correspondent who has known folk in Eastwood for forty years made an excellent point about landlords. Some of them don’t care until you fail to pay the rent…we need to replace that with socially responsible landlords who want to improve and take part in local community life. Can RMBC help with this?

    Omar makes some good points but its all about how you engage with people – will the folk at the centre of this article want to engage with anyone after reading this? I don’t think they will.


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  12. Firstly RMBC and South Yorkshire Police both know the anti social problems and the litter squaler problems in eastwood so why arnt they addressing this problem now how many litter dumping fines have been issued, How many anti social orders been issued How much extra is it costing the Tax payer to keep on cleaning this area up on a daily basis (this money would be better spent on childrens centres)
    In other words it dosn’t matter ajot where people live or even if they dont want to intrigrate.
    we have standards and law’s in this country that should apply with equal force to all residents ob Britain no matter what their culture is.
    As a very well travelled individual when you vist other countries you abide by their laws and rules or if not you would soon find yourself in problems.
    and as far as britains living or working abroad I have not seen one instance of them making the area’s they live in a Litter infested dumping ground with constant anto social issues.
    And yes I agree the landlords should take some of the responsibility of their tenants Like RMBC have with their Council house tenants.
    And make them clean it up not the tax payer hit them in there pockets make them responsible we may soon see a transformation of area’s then and only then


  13. Who are they? It seems a very extreme and generic term – I am being polite. Eastwood has such a diverse make up within the community – and also face .many complex issues. Maybe people should look at some of these before they judge.

    Eastwood Profile 2013:


    Now how do we go about addressing all the problems these human beings – in Eastwood face. Policies please if you are an elected member.

    SKT xxxx


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