Rotherham Respect Party Issues An Invitation

We would like to warmly invite everyone to the Respect Party reunion and public meeting, With the honourable MP for Bradford West George Galloway.  To celebrate the first anniversary of the Respect Party in Rotherham.
Join us in this reunion & join us in our fight to make the vital changes that we so definitely need in this once pleasant, loving town.

Respect Party public meeting, Guest speaker Honourable MP George Galloway. 
Saturday 2nd November 2013 at 5:30pm
St. James Church
Cambridge Street
S65 2SU


Snacks & Refreshments served by Rotherham Against Cuts.
We sincerely look forward to your company.

On behalf of the Rotherham Respect Party.

26 thoughts on “Rotherham Respect Party Issues An Invitation

  1. Respect are looking to stand in atleast 1 ward in each constituency and it is not based on where we see a better chance. Each candidate is actually from the particular ward they are standing for. More details will be available at each public meeting up until the elections.


  2. Can’t believe I’ve just written all that on the previous ‘Rotherham Against Cuts’ posting, trying to encourage people of all political persuasions to go along to RAC meetings, to make it an inclusive group for the benefit of all Rotherham’s inhabitants… and then I see in this post that RAC are essentially hosting the reunion of the Respect party. D’oh! Guess Colin Tawn was right lol.

    That said, George is always worth seeing live and the Rotherham Respect lot impressed me in May:

    And Sarah, when you’re selecting your candidates make sure you have Tom stand for you. I’m not in sync with all his political beliefs, but a finer man you’d be hard pressed to find. The way things are at RMBC at the moment, I’ll put integrity before ideology every time. Don’t waste him on biscuits and leafleting. 🙂


    • I agree with Warren. (start working on Tom Sarah) Rotherham needs people like Tom. He is a honourable honest trustworthy person who cares about all the people of Rotherham. Although I don’t share the same political views as Tom I do believe that if Respect can stand candidates of this standard they will give any party a run for the money, and Rotherham will be a better place for it.Jill


    • Warren, the Respect party & RAC share very similar socialist views. They will help themselves if they work together to fix the stinking rotten mess our town is in. Good luck Respect & RAC.
      Looking forward to hearing what Gorgeous George has to say.


  3. No matter how hard their opponents try To put them down, the Respect Party just keep bouncing back. I wish them well and I’m looking forward to attending their meeting on 2nd November.
    It looks like the Respect party in Rotherham are a passionate bunch. They truly care about their town, They have my vote. In the past disillusioned voters only had one alternative, vote for the loony party. Now there is a real alternative Where you can make your vote count. VOTE Respect!


  4. @lovedinnington, maybe I didn’t make myself clear. There are 3 constituencies in rotherham and we intend to stand atleast 1 candidate per constituency and not 1 candidate in the whole of Rotherham.

    @Warren Vale, thank you for the suggestion. I will bare that in mind. As it stands RAC are not hosting this meeting, they are collaborating with Respect not in a political sense but in a fight against cut backs and what RAC stands for is essentially incorporated at the core of Our pledges within the Rotherham Respect Manifesto. We are very grateful to Tom and the rest of RAC for their participation but let me make it clear they are not taking a political stance here. Let me assure you that RAC still stand by those beliefs of wanting to make a difference in Rotherham through the involvement of people from ALL political backgrounds.


    • Hey Sarah,
      thanks for the clarification. Not sure I’d agree completely with your view of RAC’s inclusivity, but that’s easily solved by someone from RAC coming on here and specifically inviting people with non-socialist beliefs to their meetings. I’ve tried to encourage the non-socialists but I’m no longer closely associated with RAC as a group, (although there are some seriously awesome individuals involved in RAC, and NOT just Tom) so it doesn’t carry that much weight.

      And my views haven’t changed since my report on the Respect meeting in May which Rothpol kindly allowed me to post. I still believe that you and your colleagues are a breath of fresh air that Rotherham’s stale political scene needs. (That’s not an endorsement for Respect by the way, it’s an endorsement for Respect scaring the Labour Party, in much the same way that UKIP are scaring the tory party.)


      • Haha ok, of course like everyone else, you are entitled to have your own opinion. Well for me the time has come to get rid of the fears and get Rotherham out of this list of failing towns that ministers are aparently being urged to abandon. I am sure that there is atleast 1 common goal that we all have and that is to make some changes in Rotherham and I will be talking about those changes next week at our public meeting.


    • So you are targeting Rotherham itself and not the rest of the borough? The common perception is that Respect only stands in areas with a large Asian population and I wondered if you were looking to change that?


      • I am afraid I still haven’t made myself clear we are looking to have candidates across the borough over time and you are right in saying it is a perception, it is not reality itself and we are going to tackle such stereotypes at the heart. Respect is not here for the Asian community alone. It is here for all of us. It is a voice for the common man to make a difference in his home town in an attempt to get rid of the corruption along with the exploitation carried out by those in power. Respect in Rotherham is not limited to any race or particular ethnic origin. It stands for the core values the unite us together as citizens of Rotherham. For those of you who wish to find out more about an alternative road map for our home town with some positive changes and equal opportunity for all, then come along to this meeting. You will have your questions answered.


  5. Will the 5 councillors from Bradford who resigned be coming to the re union? And why the need for a reunion? Surely if Respect are still involved and care about Rotherham it should simply be a meeting. Me thinks it’s more to do with elections due and Goerge’s little crisis in Bradford. .

    I don’t trust fly by night politicians like Galloway who now comes to Rotherham only when he’s lost it in Bradford. Georgie – stick to your real ambitions – Mayor of London and promoting your own ego.

    From the Bradford Spring to let’s try Rotherham they journey. This old leftie isn’t impressed by such blatant political opportunism.

    Quote from not so gorgeous George:

    “. I like elections more than I like serving. I relish them in the way most politicians don’t, and this (London) is the only mass popular election that there is here. Seven million people have the right to vote in it; it’s the next best thing to a presidential election that you’re ever going to get in Britain. So, I relish running for the office, and the opportunity finally to be in power over substantial sets of important tasks in a city as great as London is obviously attractive.”

    Never the humble servant of the people were you George.



    Which 3 wards?


    • This is a reunion for the public who were involved in the Respect Party in Rotherham back in November last year and it has nothing to do with those 5 councillors. If you attend the meeting with your evidence of your arguments you will listened to and we can have an informed discussion as per our democratic rights. Respect is still involved in Rotherham and the meeting is to keep the public informed of our recent developments with the introduction of our Rothetham manifesto along with some upcoming announcements.


      • @Ms Taylor, if you have any questions whether they are about the 5 councillors or regarding anything else then you are welcome to come to our meeting where we will have the man himself. The 3 constituencies that I am referring to are the Rotherham constituency, Rother Valley constituency and the Wentworth and Dearne constituency. Respect is still at its early stages in Rotherham which is why it is especially important to raise awareness of our current involvement here. For that this meeting is neccesary.


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    • Your track record of actually turning up to meetings, welcome or not, is not good.
      If George Galloway has blocked you, it will have been because you were acting in a deliberately provocative, some might say, childish manner!
      Mature political discussion is to be preferred.


  7. Thanks for that rothpol. Good to know who is on which side of the fence, so to speak.
    Be interested to know where you have obtained the info on my “track record”,
    If my asking the same question of Galloway on Twitter that was asked on here is being provocative or childish then I hold my hands up to that.
    Maybe you will block me also (again) and add yourself to my list of increasingly dodgy characters.


  8. I think its unfair on Maltby Blogger. I was blocked by George Galloway and I wasn’t rude or abusive, and neither did I ask childish questions. Gorgeous George isn’t the most accepting of others views and to be quite honest has retained far too much off his vanity for comfort.


    • I read those tweets by maltby blogger. He was deliberately getting under the skin of George Galloway. George Galloway did the right thing to block him.


  9. “Getting under the skin of George Galloway”, Ex Labour ?
    Thought he was made of stronger stuff than that. If he is perturbed by me asking him if Yvonne Ridley is attending tonight’s meeting, then I don’t think the party is right for Rotherham.
    Do you ?


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