Yorkshire Post – Political Censorship?

Yorkshire Post – Political Censorship? Or, the censorship that never was!

If this post demonstrates anything, it is that nothing should ever be taken at face value! In politics, there are always those whose prejudices inform their opinions to such an extent, they cannot see the truth, even if it bites them on the bum!

Once the second report came in, using a bogus identity to attempt to deceive us, Rothpol’s suspicions were aroused by this, the result, is this post. Were we the intended victims of a hoax?

The moral of this tale is that manipulation will be exposed, once readers have a chance to examine the evidence and to add their insights.

“The Yorkshire Post is alleged to be guilty of the most blatant act of political censorship.
Please note the comments section of this article as of last night.
Now look at the comments from yesterday.
The comments of Chris Longley and myself have been deleted !
Oh dear, Is Johnston Press in the local Politician’s Pocket ?

Good job that screen grabs are taken in a timely fashion ! BeleaguredShaun

Those censored comments:
= = =
Chris Longley says:
October 26, 2013 at 8:49 pm

From Chris Longley MBE

People in glass houses should never throw stones.

This is a note about the current position on the release of documents under the Freedom of Information Act.

I now have all the Rotherham Child Safeguarding Board Agendas, Minutes and Reports about Child abuse, trafficking and rape that cover the period 2005/6 to 2009/2010.

I now have the current circulation listing for these papers, and it includes the Cabinet Member for Children and Young People.

I now have all the papers submitted to the Rotherham Cabinet Member for Children and Young People (the title varies) over the same period of time, 2005/6 to 2009/2010.

I also have – as I have reported previously – the details of the special responsibility payments made to the then Rotherham MDC Councillor Shaun Wright who held the post of Cabinet Member for Children and Young People between 2005/6 and 2009/2010.

I am examining these papers in detail and I am preparing the timeline of what was known, when it was known and by whom it was known.

I am sure this will strengthen the case – overwhelming as it already is – for a fully independent Judicial Inquiry into the systemic abuse, trafficking and rape of children that went virtually unchallenged in Rotherham between 2005/6 and 2009/2010.

Kind regards to all


Chris Longley MBE
Warren Vale says:
October 26, 2013 at 10:06 pm
Keep up the good work Chris and God bless you for doing it.

patrizia says:
Your comment is awaiting moderation.
October 27, 2013 at 1:19 am

Dear Chris,
Could you arrange for all those documents to be made available online ?
Have you been on the internet and seen the stuff on sonia sharp ?
Have you identified all those who are associated with Common Purpose ?
Why can’t sheffred give his real name – what does he have to hide ?
Another prediction : – the PCC will be a political gatekeeper to ensure that all blame will never fall upon his political party, and its no use scapegoating the current Chief Constable, the blame lies with his two predecessors..
I look forward to reading your report.
= = = = = =
So there we have it – yet again, the local politicians are controlling the press
– oh, and guess what, Hacked Off and their Common Purpose cronies are calling for their own version of press control !
Now we can a perfect example of what will happen if Common Purpose gets its way !”

Thank you to our multiple spotters for this interesting piece. The Yorkshire Post has form for this, remember MacShane!

Update: There seems to be some confusion involved here? These comments were left on  on Rotherham Politics and were published previously.

Rothpol has registered to comment on the YP Website, Chris Longley confirms he has not! So how could he leave a comment on an article on the YP Website, is impersonation suspected or just plain confusion? We will get to the bottom of this as soon as we can?

SW yp


12 thoughts on “Yorkshire Post – Political Censorship?

  1. From Chris Longley MBE

    Dear Rothpol

    I have no idea what this blog entry means.

    I have never talked with the Yorkshire Post – at least to my knowledge – nor to any of their reporters or agents. I have never contributed knowingly to any article that they may have published.

    Nor can I find any article on the Yorkshire Post website from which any comments that I might have made could have been removed.

    So I am mystified.

    I share the widespread view that a free and unfettered press is the defence of our democracy.

    I recoil from such regulation.

    I do so because, among many other great services to all of us, the work of Andrew Norfolk and his colleagues might have been inhibited under a state enforced system of press regulation.

    It would be unforgivable if the light that he has shone into such dark corners of our local government and of our justice system might have been extingushed before it could even have been lit. And children and young girls might then have had to live their lives without any recognition that the evils visited upon them were just that: evils, and that those evils were perpetrated by evil men..

    It is to the undying shame of some sections of the British press that statutory regulation is even an issue for debate, let alone a possibility. And that by their actions that segment of the press would jeopardise the defence we all need against malpractice, incompetence, criminality and above all else against lying and evil. It is a sadness that as yet so few of that minority have shown even a glimmer of remorse about the free British press they have put in jeopardy.

    I hope that makes my views completely clear.

    Kind regards to all


    Chris Longley MBE

    PS If anybody can post what the Yorkshire Post did or did not edit/redact, I’d be very grateful!!


  2. Is it possible that someone just used Chris’ name and a created email address to sign up, then cut and pasted his comments from here into the YP comments section? Maybe because Chris Longley says it better than most of us and has put in a ton of work on the CSE issue?

    Bit naughty, but I imagine easy enough to do.

    Although I’m confused as to why the ‘comment awaiting moderation’ shows up. Wouldn’t that only be on Rothpol’s or Patrizia’s screens? Or did I misread and the comments section on here was changed?


    • Rothpol believes the story goes something like this:

      Rothpol posted; Shaun spreads the manure! Chris Longley, Warren Vale and Patrizia commented on this post and not on the Yorkshire Post article.

      Patrizia then thought the YP had deleted her comments and others. This was not the case, as they were never there!

      This erroneous information started to circulate until my second spotter picked it up and had what was presented as a screen grab. This only fits with the comments published on Rotherham Politics! No proper ‘screen grab’ appears to exist.

      Confusion then, perhaps with some wishful thinking, seem to have set this story in motion resulting in this posts publication?

      So there we have it, the political bias that never was!


      • Still don’t really understand. (I’m not very bright sometimes.) The ‘comment awaiting moderation’ line is confusing me, cos the ‘censored comments’ section above must have been copied before Patrizia’s post appeared to other Rothpol readers. And it is a straight copy of those comments; you can try it for yourself by copy and pasting any random three comments from another post into a wordpad doc. The format is the same. And why would Patrizia think the YP had deleted those comments before her comment had even appeared on Rothpol?

        Still, plenty of more pressing matters to occupy us than this, although I do love a good conspiracy theory. Maybe the ‘second spotter’ was on a grassy knoll? 🙂


        Inspector Clouseau


  3. His comments have not gone very well with officers fighting crime in South Yorkshire.
    His time and track record of failure, spineless inaction and being a total joke amongst his peers at RMBC will come back to haunt him.
    I hear a public vote of no confidence may await Shaun!


  4. Chris Longley was right, ‘people in glass houses.’ How can this man be taken serious when his own record is abysmal? It’s alright criticising but you better have some answers to the problems. Unfortunately, Wright seems to be already repeating the same mistakes again, hence expect the same excuses again!


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