Guardian – Who leads Respect?

This was spotted by an observant reader who thought this might interest fellow readers:

Who is respects leader

Whatever is going on at the National level, Rotherham Respect continues to gather support, see: Rotherham Respect Party Issues An Invitation.

Mystery solved:


11 thoughts on “Guardian – Who leads Respect?

  1. What an embarrassing admission by Pidd – any one of her colleagues could have sorted the matter out in a telephone call to me or do journalists in The Guardian not talk to each other these days?
    She did not send an email to me although I received an obnoxious tweet – how someone can be so rude in 140 characters is beyond me.
    For the record I told Pidd last year I did not trust her as a journalist and therefore would refuse to communicate with her, however I would be more than happy to speak to any one of her colleagues. A simple phone call could have sorted out the issue.


    • Well said Yvonna Ridley !
      The Respect Party is strong and united. Regardless of what the mainstream control media want people to believe. Every party has its little ups and downs. That does not mean the Respect party is finished.
      Those Who fear the Respect party because it exposes lies and tells the truth. Will be having a field day telling people their main obstacle is now out of the way.


    • Yvonne:
      You have not answered the question. Who is the leader of Respect? It is a simple question and one not beyond your capabilities.
      As for ‘Thinker’…………………………..
      Is he your ‘rothpol’ recruiting officer? I have not seen any comments to suggest ‘Respect’ is finished. Very excitable person is ‘Thinker’.
      Did he/she think before hitting the keyboard?


    • Well said Yvonne,I totally agree with you on this one, Pidd writes what she feels like and her stories always attacks certain individual, she has been to Rotherham many times,
      I would recommend people to stay away from pidd, as she is not a trustworthy person what she writes, her character shows it all, she is not valued in her opinion what she writes, she has tried approaching many people for a story but failed because her story is to attack certain people or parties.


  2. Who is the Leader or Respect – Where’s Waldo – who shot cock Robin – answers on a postcard please. The first seems such an easy question – but is it? The mystery deepens.


  3. It’s also not everyday that you get blocked on Twitter by George Galloway himself for asking this very question. But I now am. Maybe it was because I also asked Galloway if Yvonne Ridley would be at the Rotherham meeting on Saturday.
    Or maybe it was because Galloway asked who I am and was not happy with the answer.
    Who’s to say ?
    Ah well, blocked by Jahangir Akhtar long ago, so might as well add Galloway to the list.
    Strange how some folk react just by being asked to answer a simple question, truthfully.

    See you folks at the meeting ?
    (see the Twitter posts @BrendaGunning – I don’t know how to do screen shots – or at )


  4. Reblogged this on maltbyblogger and commented:
    Understand that the Respect Party will be putting up a candidate in Rother Valley (as well as 2 other Rotherham constituencies, in next elections. Very worrying if this is how folks might vote to try to get rid of Labour in Rotherham.


    • @maltby blogger the meeting is a public meeting and does not require a personal invite (in reply to your previous comments on the rotherham respect public meeting ) and I am speaking on behalf of myself. As for your understanding of the candidates I did not say we are putting 1 candidate in Rother Valley. I stated quite clearly that we are looking to have candidates across the borough over time. I also stated that we intend to have atleast 1 candidate in each constituency. I did not state exactly when this would be taking place. I said these changes would occur over time.

      A small suggestion to @maltby blogger. If you are going to make reference to something in future can you please check your understanding of the actual events that took place in the first place i.e what was actually said about our candidate/s. It is important that we are not misunderstanding anything that has been said as this could differ widely to it’s original meaning.

      It is clear that Yvonne has said she does not trust Ms Pidd as a journalist. Now if someone were to get in touch with her as she has stated then your question would be answered more directly @Sally Kate Taylor. Sometimes it only registers when you answer back in the same language you are approached with, which in my opinion that is exactly what Yvonne has done. Ms Pidd was already aware that she was not trusted as a journalist by certain members of the public including Yvonne.


      • Sarah,
        May I say that it confuses me when you refer to putting up candidates in Constituencies.
        Constituencies are the electoral sub-divisions of Rotherham that send MP’s to parliament via parliamentary elections. Are you saying that over time Respect aims to contest some of the parliamentary elections in Rotherham, or are you saying that Respect aim to contest the Borough Councillor elections in some of the Borough Council wards. Of course Borough Council wards are subdivisions of Constituencies.

        Although my understanding is that it is the Borough Council elections you are referring to, but I could be wrong, and others may be interpreting your statement differently – you could even be referring to Parish Council elections for all I know. 🙂


  5. “Sarah Kiran Mahmood says:
    October 28, 2013 at 10:56 am
    @Ms Taylor, if you have any questions whether they are about the 5 councillors or regarding anything else then you are welcome to come to our meeting where we will have the man himself. The 3 constituencies that I am referring to are the Rotherham constituency, Rother Valley constituency and the Wentworth and Dearne constituency.”

    If in this response you were in fact only telling us the names of 3 constituencies in Rotherham then I suggest that your convoluted language is about as self explanatory as the rest of our councillors and MPs.
    Perhaps the Respect Party might get votes because people are unsure or have misinterpreted what you say.
    I understand that you are speaking on behalf of yourself, but I wasn’t asking that. I was asking Rothpol if he was speaking on behalf of you.
    Thanks for the “tips”. Maybe you should try putting them into practice yourself 🙂
    No doubt tonight’s meeting will clarify all these uncertain points.


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