Private Eye on the Double-Standards Committee Chairman

Was amused to find this piece in this mornings Private Eye concerning the expenses arrangements of Kevin Barron:

Private-Eye-Barron-30-Oct-2More information on Kevin Barron, previously published on Rotherham Politics, can be found here.


7 thoughts on “Private Eye on the Double-Standards Committee Chairman

  1. Could this man be worse than MacShane? I know that’s a tall order but he appears to be trying his best to mimic our Denis. With luck though, MacShane will spill the beans, at his trial, on the man that was part of his downfall. Always remember that Kevin voted in Parliament, at every occasion, to keep MPs expenses a secret.


  2. A simple search on google reveals that this lady has interests in lobbying! Surprise, surprise, with interests in the pharmaceutical industry! Was this his ‘partner’ who accompanied him on the freebie to Thailand organised by Luther Pendragon the major lobbying firm as reported by RothPol. This is incredible but sadly not surprising at all! Just examine his new wife’s list of additional interests, as well as being described as a government Affairs Consultant, Andree Deane- Barron’s Additional Information is as follows:
    Groups and Associations;
    Apprenticeships 4 England
    Interim Management
    Magnifying Lobbying Ideas & Strategies for Non-Profits
    My Fitness Industry
    State Lobbyists
    The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA)
    You can check out her back story here;

    What role does this man have again? Oh yes, chairman of the standards committee! Well he certainly sets the standard for sheer audacity doesn’t he!


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