What’s the story? nine

A family of property it would appear?

This summarises the extent of our knowledge at this time, of this burgeoning property empire:

57  Clough Road (Domicile)

37 Hartington Road
130 Henley Grove

8 Farm Drive

91 Henley Grove Road
95 Henley Grove Road:

95 Henley Grove Road

Why has Jahangir’s address been stated to be 61 Clough Road?

More Akhtar ‘family’ properties:

61 Clough Road

111 Henley Grove.

89 Pitt Street, Rotherham. S61 2PB
52 Devonshire Street, Masborough. S61 1AG
35 Dovercourt Road, Rotherham. S61 1SQ

We have received information that there maybe more? Can any reader help?

Declarations of Interests June 2006 to 14 Aug 2012:

07 June 2006/15 Sept 2006
06 June 2007
26 Oct 2007
14 April 2009
28 May 2010
14 Aug 2012
14 Aug 2012 Backdated changes!

How does one procure an apparently illegal alteration, of the public record?

Is this why they are such  slippery customers, when trying to hold them to account?

Surely this is a major breach of legal requirements, the public record should not be altered like this?

Creation of a false instrument, deception and other breaches of codes of conduct, coercion etc.?

Does Ms Collins, the Monitoring Officer, know that this document has been retrospectively altered? We should be told!

The story so far: What’s the story? One to ten.

2 thoughts on “What’s the story? nine

  1. Akhtar has form for this kind of attempted deception. Not good with the paperwork, or something more? A professional investigation is indicated? At the very least there should be an internal review to establish the truth. Kimber has the power to order one. Time he did!


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