Final Chapter?

The Star catches up?:

Star 1 Nov 2013

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Where did he get that idea from? Two

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The story moves on: The Rotherham Record and this weeks Advertiser, have reported that the Police have been called in to investigate complaints made by both the Leader, Roger Stone and Deputy Leader, Jahangir Akhtar, concerning alleged racial harassment on … Continue reading

8 thoughts on “Final Chapter?

  1. A man sends a few letters out of frustration and gets six months. A man actually assaults customers in a resteraraunt and is promoted to a place on the police authority and deputy leader of Rotherham council. Mmm. Welcome to justice in South Yorkshire!


  2. I don’t particular like Mr Stone or Mr Akthar (I am being polite) but I think the actions of Mr Plant can’t really be defended. Still the point about Mr Akthar avoiding jail is a good one. And who knows after the inquiry in to the CSE cover up both he and Mr stone (and others) maybe eating porridge – if justice is seen t be done that is.


  3. “The alleged offences took place between November last year and February this year. One is forced to wonder, what took them so long to report this alleged crime, if they were as frightened, as they claim?

    Why did they wait at least four months before doing anything about it?”

    If I had received threatening letters, I wouldn’t wait over four months to report it? The delay is very relevant, why was this not used as part of his defence?

    This behaviour is a long established part of Jahangir Akhtar’s Modus Operandi, I was disappointed that Roger Stone should also have used this strategy to deal with critics too. No wonder they seem dumbstruck at the outcome?


  4. I attended the magistrate’s court hearing and this man had a clean criminal record up to this offence and he pleaded guilty and he acted alone he wasn’t a member of the EDL or the BNP. But the case was sent to the crown court for sentencing – remember a magistrate can give a sentence up to 6 months! it was clear to me they intended this man, who had been driven to distraction by the behaviour of the people in the next-door “half-way house”, to go down! Given all the circumstances I would have thought an appeal against this excessive sentence was definitely warranted!


    • Unless I missed it, the Advertiser hasn’t covered this outcome yet either?
      One is forced to wonder why these two politicos have suddenly lost their tongues?
      Are they embarrassed?


  5. I think we can all feel the frustration of Mr Plant and no doubt many of us have felt like to using the same abusive method against two of the most hated, lying, corrupt pieces of human crap ever to infect local politics. I feel for this man and wish he would launch an appeal against the ridiculous severity of his sentence. It’s quite obvious the magistrates who sent him to the Crown Court for sentencing are politically elected morons and who are probably mates of those 2 pieces of political scum, Stone and Akhtar.


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