Rotherham Conservatives up their game!

Rotherham Conservatives long in the doldrums, are enjoying something of a resurgence in activity.

Rotherham Politics brings news of Omar Mehban’s ongoing campaign in Hellaby Ward.

Below is the current leaflet being distributed in Hellaby Ward:

page 001page 002page 003page 004

A degree of professionalism brought to bear?

Should this approach be an example of campaigning by the Conservatives in some other parts of the Borough, it might not go unrewarded.

15 thoughts on “Rotherham Conservatives up their game!

  1. Q5; List of voting preferences.
    No mention of UKIP or Respect? Omar must try harder if he is indeed “working on behalf of everyone”. Perhaps like the Labour party he does not want to acknowledge that the voters of Rawmarsh gave the Tories and Labour a swift kicking by electing UKIP councillor Caven Vines.
    I agree Omar’s leaflet is a step forward but it’s hardly groundbreaking IMV.
    It does not inform Hellaby residents about the financial incompetence of RMBC or their dismal record in building affordable homes between 1997-2010.
    It is time for change and the voters should agree on ABL-Anyone But Labour.


    • Hi Colin,

      Regarding your first question, the only reason the so called Big 3 are mentioned, with greater emphasis on Labour and ourselves because of recent year’s results in Hellaby.
      To discount any party would be foolish and complacent, and we’ve no intention of doing that.
      As for informing residents of RMBC incompetance, there’ll be plenty of time for that. This is just an initial survey.


  2. Regarding the leaflet. I looked at the preferences part of the leaflet – no I am not a tory a voter and never will be – but being fair minded I thought I must and have a few observations since Mr Mehban will be seeking election.

    Re the layout: maybe it would have been better putting the issues in alphabetical order so people could read them and chose on merit rather than being led. (Having many years experience in surveys I can spot a survey that’s designed to get the questioners ‘correct’ response a mile away – no change from RMBC there then).

    Re the question on pavement and roads. When I was living in Sheffield the Liberals did that (and used street lighting) and did sod all when they got in. Can we please have a description on your policy and how you will stop cuts in this department.

    Re the question on what else would you like to suggest. Errrm if you get elected, unlike Gavin Sharpe can you make sure you turn up and do some actual work. I think you would – but the previous history of tories in Rotherham is a little workshy. And also unlike previous tory representatives can you be a little more vocal on the Grooming Scandal? Too many stayed silent at the time.

    I also have a questions for Mr Mehban regarding the following questions.

    Welfare (Making work pay): will you challenge the tory preconception that everyone on benefits doesn’t want to work? I mean come on jobs are scarce, the work programmes a mess, the first thing the tories cut was the Connexions, an agency that was doing a fine job supporting young people in to education, training and work, most jobs advertised available now are low pay and zero hours or part time. Stop blaming the people who can’t find work. I would also like to ask how you square the fact that under ‘your lot’ and ‘your lot alone’ wages have lagged behind inflation for all but one month since you took power (without a mandate). And don’t blame Labour (an excuse even my friend who’s a tory is getting tired off – yes I have a friend who’s a tory) because you’ve had time to address this issues while in power but cant be bothered.

    Secondly, regarding Iain Druncan Smith’s disastrous handling of the Universal Credits Experiment (Ask the CAB how that collapsed and it only dealt with tiny majority of the most willing and job ready -it’s going to fail) please go and ask job seekers what support they need. You may be surprised it isn’t yet another failed IT programme costing millions and millions manned by IT experts – it’s job, training and actual one to one support – as well as careers advice (The tories massacred that too). In addition what are you going to do about the biggest serial killer in Britain today – ATOS? The disabled aren’t milking the system ATOS are.

    Affordable housing seems to come way down the list – shameful. I have no confidence in a party that sees the bedroom tax as a solution – charging people on low incomes and wages for spare rooms when the problem is there are no smaller properties. Neither do I have faith in a party that reintroduced the very high risk of a property boom and sub prime explosion simply to buy votes in the South East. (Come on since when did anyone wanting a £600,000 home need help? – Apart from politicians that is) In addition if you did gain power – I am being a little kind – how many rented properties would you envisage would be needed to be built in Rotherham – where would they be built and how much money would you think was needed and where woudl you get it from?.(You are allowed to ask central office – if they don’t know where Rotherham just tell them its in the North).

    Tax Credits – ask your party first on that one.They stopped Tax Credits for many on the breadline while giving multi millionaires a tax reduction. (Although the latter didn’t stop many of the same millionaires still fiddling their own taxes) Sally ponders – why do major companies avoid tax without prosecution? It’s theft! Daylight robbery from the public purse. Every tax pound fiddled cost a public service – oh i get it – most of the cabinet are millionaires. Stop demonizing the poor and middle earners. Sort out the tax dodgers now!

    As for the NHS I have a suggestion – stop privatizing it.We can’t even give blood now without someone making a profit. Stop sacking nurses – stop Jeremy Hunt (how he got the job after the SKY debacle I don’t know) closing efficient trusts and wasting money in appeals when he’s told he was wrong/ Stop the top to bottom reorganization of the NHS which is wasting millions now. (You know the one Cam the Sham said he wouldn’t undertake in the election campaign). Oh and by the way what are you going to do about the very expensive ‘fly in fly out’ consultancy agencies that are destroying services and moral at RDGH? Not a lot I guess – the tories love paying the fat cats whilst front line services decay -it softens it up for more privatization.

    Schools – just sack Mr Gove – all will be fine. I have no trust in the man who covered up the scandal of failing free schools (free – as if) and constantly targets teachers as the enemy within rather than the dedicated professionals that do a job he couldn’t cope with for half a day. (By the way was the Chuckle Brothers little helper ever brought to justice for her little fiddle regarding the free schools scandal in Rotherham and elsewhere? I’d dearly like to know.

    As for the section on ‘cost of living’ I don’t expect an answer on that as Georgie Porgie Pudding and Lies likes to avoid that one – or is it turn his back. Utility prices being a good example. Eat or Heat – nothing to be proud of in that little policy the tories seem to support while sucking up the the utility companies and dreaming of a nice little place on the board after the election. (On this subject why can’t we make it illegal for any politician to take up paid work of any kind for companies that were privatized – it may make them think twice about selling off the nations silver like the Royal Mail

    Right I have had my say on that for now – more will probably follow – just had to get it off my chest. Answers please – not avoidance – surely you can leave that to the Prime Minister. And Mr Mehban – good luck – I would never vote tory in a million years – old leftie am I – but I’m fair when it comes to democracy and don’t hold grudges or judge the person simply because we may hold differing political shades; may the best candidate win.

    SKT xxxxx

    Colin – as for the Anyone But Labour. That’s not a good way to decide elections. Look what we ended up with in the National Government – Cam the Sham and Foggy – sorry Clegg. I’d prefer it if we had good candidates from all parties to chose from. Sadly however – I can only dream as far as Roherham is concerned. Still – I agree with you in some ways – this council does need changing and not just the elected officials .- Thacker and Kimber out too.

    Yes Mom I know It’s my turn to make the tea – I will finish now lol.


    • Ms Taylor,

      Thank you for your comment, and though you are more than entitled to pose so many important questions, I’m sure you’ll agree that some of the points you have made do not particularly relate to the Hellaby ward, and as far as I’m concerned, my sole priority is demanding the best for the people of Hellaby.

      As far as CSE is concerned, you need only to scroll through this very blog to identify how vocal I have been in my condemnation and that I will continue to do so. On the issue of pavements and roads in Hellaby, it infuriates me to see them in such an abysmal condition and therefore as a councillor for the area, I would demand that they are dealt with by Streetpride. It seems to me that the people of the Hellaby ward are being penalised for living in a ‘Tory ward’. Whilst we see excellent and vibrant road improvements in local Labour strongholds, it is worthy of note that the desperate state of Morthen Road and its surrounding environs are cast to one side. Coincidence? I think not.

      The Labour council frequently tell us through various media outlets how the ‘big bad Tories’ are implementing cuts. I will personally implement one CUT if the people of Hellaby choose me as their councillor; to my expenses. Not a single penny of personal expenses will be claimed throughout my term. If I need a laptop for work, I’m sure I can invest in one myself instead of rinsing the people of Hellaby dry. After all, if we’re telling other people to make savings, let’s start ourselves!

      I’ll end fortnightly surgeries too, because the people of Hellaby don’t benefit from them IMO. What they will benefit from is a street surgery, where I put in the hours and ask people what is affecting them, rather than asking them to traipse across town at a personal cost to them for us to sit in a hired room that THEY have to pay for. It makes no financial sense!

      The idea that EVERYONE on benefits doesn’t want to work is a dangerous myth and it is one that I do not accept. I will make it my priority to ensure that the voices of the elderly and vulnerable in my ward are heard and respected. I think everything else in your comment relates to national issues, which are of great importance as far as the future of our nation is concerned, but I’m committed to the betterment and fair representation of the Hellaby ward.

      I hope I’ve answered the questions which are related to my ward, if there is anything I have missed, please feel free to contact me personally (I’m happy for RothPol to supply my email address) because there is nothing worse or more infuriating than a politico/politician ignoring or avoiding a question.


      • ” Ms Taylor […] I’m sure you’ll agree that some of the points you have made do not particularly relate to the Hellaby ward, and as far as I’m concerned, my sole priority is demanding the best for the people of Hellaby.”

        …and how many of the issues you listed in your survey “particularly relate to Hellaby” ?
        They are all national or international issues as far as I can see.

        Ms Taylor has highlighted just one glaring issue with your “survey” ; can I ask what you are going to do with the results you get? Without demographic data any results are without value, and I’m sure that both me and climate change denialists could tick the “Environment and climate change” box – but for very very different reasons.


      • I only raised the issues topics (amongst many I have) because you pout them on your leaflet. Maybe the leaflet was badly designed? But if a candidate does raise an issue surely they should reply in full.


      • … and not the worst response from Omar either. (Pretty good start from Respect on another post/thread as well.)

        I’m looking forward to some decent debate as the main parties start their campaigning proper and hopefully some detail starts to be added to the opening generalities. But come on you Independents out there. Don’t let the big dogs steal a march on you!


  3. Moaning minnie

    I believe that Sarah Taylor should stand as she certainly has more of a grip about the reality of politics per se than Omar. This guy is an opportunist -who stood for the Raving Loony Party, then he applied to join Labour, and finally gets accepted by the Tories-and all within 18months. An opportunist in any walk of life is a person who is smooth talking and tries to come over all sweet and caring to achieve a self centred pursuit. But his naivety and patronising style in not being honest with the people he wants to vote for him shows the opportunistic duplicity of him as person.He uses smooth talking language and is very full of himself. I am not even going to do what SKT did , which is to give him any advice or raise serious issues that will give him any knowledge or political insight, as he will only pinch it and say it was his; thats another thing opportunist do is they stael your idaes as they have few of their own. An arogant -patronising person and opportunist does make a good politician, but that is exactly what new politics do not need. Give me a n SKT anyday. Any party that can get her to join them will really have a rockviller against this self appointed puppy who yelp is not what Rotherham/hellaby or any where in England needs. By the way another thing that opportunist suffer from is their own self importance and superiority. The soft polite chat is all a pretense-I have heard that he is quite bullying with his nearest and dearest-A Sham if ever there was one!


      • Ermm can i just say if this comment by sirm1991 relates to me he is way off course and I find it alarming. If he doesn’t he could be a little clearer who he meant. For one I have never been on Facebook and never intend to and I left Twitter after Graldhunter started following me a little too closley – I’m sure most will understand what I mean. Two I am an anti racist campaigner of many years and find this insulting and not based on fact. A few assaults on my person by certain members of the NF and BNP and over the years, and the scars still visable on my body (they will never go away) bears testimony to this.


      • Sorry SKT, I was referring to Mr Tom Donaldson. His social media comments were racially motivated, not racist.
        You (SKT) and Colin are the only two people who have posed legitimate and reasonable questions. Apologies for the misunderstanding.


    • You for got to mention Omar also tried to get in with the respect party. He was very active during the by- elction in November. When Yvonne Ridley was fighting the elction. When he realised respect were losing he jumped ship. Yes this man is a opportunist, be aware.


      • Thank you for that.
        Actually, Yvonne like many others in Respect will vouch for the fact that throughout the by-election, I always maintained that I wouldn’t join Respect after the election. It was the candidate I was helping. But I do accept that my track record with political parties is something that people will be wary of.


  4. Re – Morthen Road – I have asked for this issue to be looked at and the only bit to be re-surfaced was the good section. It might be a Tory ward or whatever but my parents live in a Labour ward and they constantly ask me about Morthen Road…the battle continues.

    I have met with managers from Streetpride on site about issues and the complicated national points system that councils use is not about pot holes or ruts – its about the condition overall of the road which can see a road falling to bits but still classed as “safe to use.”

    Good intent from Cllrs is great but the national system that we use is what Mr Mehban is up against.


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