Barry Dodson – Rotherham’s Next ‘First Citizen’?

Barry Dodson, the Deputy Mayor of Rotherham will, if precedent is followed, succeed John Foden as Mayor next May and become Rotherham’s ‘first citizen’.

We realise, as citizens ourselves, we know practically nothing about Barry Dodson, save for his picture and the following meagre words from him, on RMBC’s website:

cllr_Barry_DodsonWard: Rotherham East

Party: Labour


Councillor Dodson has been a member of the Council since 2000 and is Chair of the Rotherham South Area Assembly, Vice-Chair of the Planning Board and a member of the  Licensing Board, Improving Lives Select Commission and Improving Places Select Commission.

Rothpol would like to invite contributions from readers who have experiences of Barry in action, to enable a rather fuller picture of this man to be developed.

After all, anyone who seeks such an honour, on our behalf, should at least tell us more than this about themselves. Barry might like to start us off?

We are particularly interested in information that would go to the content of his character, the way he conducts himself, both as a Ward Councillor and personally and any appropriate skills he has, to make him suitable for this special duty?

Always a good place to start; Interests Declaration – Barry Dodson.

Ways to contribute:

Leave a comment, Rothpol will pick it up from there.

Please mail Rothpol with your information.

See also: The Rotherham Mayoralty Files

29 thoughts on “Barry Dodson – Rotherham’s Next ‘First Citizen’?

  1. The only thing I know about him is at the Planning application for a new and extended mosque (since withdrawn) at Chapel Walk, Masbrough. the main sticking point for this application was the new, extended mosque would severely hinder HGVs access to the next door haulage company. He stated that he had considerable experience of driving HGVs. and that in his opinion they would struggle to gain access to the premises. So perhaps he’s a lorry driver?


  2. Did he wrap himself in glory over the new tesco on moorgate?

    What role did he have with the new rotherham tesco take away….of our town center?

    Has he any intrests to declare or income from tesco?


    • He’s an opportunist thug, that sat on a panel of elite councillors supposed to protect vulnerable children for 10 years & did nothing productive. “A Nodding Donkey” would probably best describe him.
      I hear he’s helped relocate a Karate club to a new location in a residential area, which has very bad access for the residents already, bet he didn’t have any problems sorting out his own planning permission. If Dodson’s a great bloke, then I gave birth to a conservative & named him William Hague. By the way I’m not a female.


  3. If the idea of electing Mayors hadn’t been so comprehensively rubbished by the very people who scream the loudest about ‘democracy’ this would not have arisen. I’m absolutely fed-up with Mayors being chosen because it’s ‘Buggins turn’, it is not democratic and the ruling party choose their own puppet. Let the people decide who should be Mayor.
    Ooh, I forgot………………..That’s democracy.


    • Buggins turn has perhaps come up with the most unsuitable potential Mayor for a very long time!
      Are Labour trying to make themselves a mockery?
      They sure are with this joker!


      • They clearly showed how much they hold the people of this town in contempt by reselecting Akhtar after his community service had been completed, but remember they have very, very thick skins. If, despite being under investigation for serious wrong doing, he’s allowed to stand for the council next May, how long will it be before it’s this convicted thug’s turn to be Mayor?


  4. They’ll be better off making Akhtar Mayor of Rotherham over this fool…. Maybe that’s what the labour supporters of Rotherham have been longing for!


  5. This man cannot be trusted as a human being never mind a representative of the local human race.
    All out for himself and his friends /acquaintances gains.
    friends in high places, public funding being used to benefit his friends in the karate club in east dene. whats that all about ?? why no planning permission ?? when there is clearly not enough parking in a residential area with only a path to gain access ??
    one rule for them and one rule for the average citizens of Rotherham, i think.


  6. 2013 Councillor John Foden
    2012 Councillor David Pickering
    2011 Councillor Shaun Wright
    2010 Councillor Rose McNeely
    2009 Councillor Shaukat Ali
    2008 Councillor Ann Russell
    2007 Councillor Allan Jackson
    2006 Councillor Peter A Wooton
    2005 Councillor Hilda Jack
    2004 Councillor F. Wright
    2003 Councillor R. S. Russell J.P.
    2002 Councillor A. Senior
    2001 Councillor R. G. Littleboy
    2000 Councillor Iain G. L. St. John
    1999 Councillor M. G. Judge
    1998 Councillor R. Windle
    1997 Councillor G. Smith
    1996 Councillor J. P. Wardle
    1995 Councillor W. Winder
    1994 Councillor S. Walker

    Now the way I see it, 7 out of those last 20 Mayors have surnames beginning with “W” , but in the last 7 years only 1 has had a surname beginning with that letter – and look what’s happened to our town in that time!
    I therefore put forward the name of Councillor Emma Wallace for our next Mayor!
    We desperately need to restore some order to the selection process.


  7. Opportunist gravy-trainers are adjectives that could be used for a many on RMBC, but I don’t know where you get the thug description from. II you know something the rest of us don’t, as Rotherpol as asked for info on him, could you please be more forthcoming, and if you.prefer Akhtar for Mayor rather than him then you certainly do not know Akhtar!.


    • Malcontent, be patient we are at the early stages of investigating and assessing the information that we have received so far.

      The full story will emerge. Readers will then be able to make up their minds, as to Barry Dodson’s suitability to be Mayor.

      Think Akhtar for Mayor was irony, and not to be taken seriously?.


  8. Malcontent, you disappoint me. I thought you was on the ball. By the way ASBO for mayor was sarcasm & watch this space, “the Dodson files” are coming!!

    Oh and the dirt on this THUG is amazing, you might want to keep your apron handy!!!


  9. The One: Please excuse me, I’ve lead a very sheltered life (that’s sarcasm.) As Rotherpol has asked for patience on this matter to allow all the info to come in, so that we who do not know him can make a more informed opinion, Until then, I’m watching and waiting, I’m always willing to be enlightened, Whenever you feel like revealing what you know about this “alleged thug,” then I’m all ears.


  10. I can’t really comment because I do not know of any incidents of alleged thuggery. A little enlightenment is needed before I can comment.


    • Don’t fear the story will be told, then there will be plenty of opportunities to comment based on the facts.

      I understand that sub judice rules, may delay that process for a while. Meanwhile a little patience is advised.


  11. They are all corrupt! need for one…from past experiences i would be digusted to see Barry as a mayor. Not a very trusted, open, genuine individual…


  12. Questions to Joyce Thacker, Cllr Lakin and Martin Kimber

    If this karate club has children attending training sessions what measures have you taken to ensure all those involved in the running the club are fit and proper individuals?

    Is there a structured committee, a treasurer a safeguarding lead?

    Do all those adults have a clear enhanced CRB?

    What, you don`t know?


  13. What about Councillor Akhtar, who has a black-belt in Kung Fu, and now has more time on his hands.Perhaps he could give the kids a few lessons in the martial arts and also sell them cigarettes at the same time! Not sure whether his criminal record is spent though?


    • Lol @ Councillor Akthar the cigarette vendor. Every time you see him, he’s got a fag on the go. He’s a walking chimney around the town.
      Any suggestions on a new nick name for our beloved ASBO??
      How about councillor silk cut!?


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