Gerald Smith – Hilda Jack’s Account

“Cllr. Smith not endorsed as a candidate for the 2014 election and referred to the NEC of the Labour Party for his caution for an election offence in 2011?

Surprise surprise in trouble again for not putting his name on election material when he was the Election Agent for the Parish Councillors in the Aston cum Aughton Parish. Council Elections.

120 leaflets were given to me by Gerald in the car park of the shops at Aston Town End Shopping Centre. I was told “There’s 120 for a start, deliver them to the South Ward”

There were approximately 1200 properties to have leaflets delivered.

I counted the total number of properties and photocopied the leaflets ready for delivery. I hasten to add at my own expense,  I did not claim for the paper, ink cartridges, electricity or time taken to photocopy and deliver the leaflets.

I had always given freely any help to the Labour Party and never claimed any expenses at election times in all the years I was a member.

When I delivered the leaflets I suffered verbal abuse from some constituents about the content of the leaflet.

No other Labour Candidates assisted with the delivery of the leaflets. Did they know something I did not know? An example of the verbal abuse I suffered by a constituent-
”If that is Labour tactics I will never vote Labour again.”

I reported to Gerald the leaflet may backfire on us but he never advised me to stop circulating the leaflet.

With hindsight may be I should have refused to deliver the leaflet but having previously been an Election Agent myself if the Election Agent says jump you jump.

Well then the leaflet has backfired on Cllr. Smith, can I be blamed for his lack of knowledge and not knowing his own name?

He was the Election Agent and should know the rules and regulations if he does not know then he should ask.

The Election Agent accepts responsibility for his actions and his workers. I did what I was instructed to do. Is this action by Gerald because I refused to be the election Agent for personal reasons?

I did tell him that I would work with him for a positive outcome to the election, at an Election Meeting, less than 24 hours later he declared that, Me and Pat (Wade) would work together in the Election”

Is this Cllr Smiths attempt again to deny any wrongdoing and blame me for his misdemeanour’s and ignorance.

I was a Labour Party Member for 42 years until my resignation in 2012, Gerald Smith was the main reason for my resignation with all the insults, insinuations and malicious gossip about me and my family.

Now I do not have to put up with his jeering, sneering and snide remarks. All I say
“As you sow so shall ye reap.”

This is the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth”

Hilda Jack

4 thoughts on “Gerald Smith – Hilda Jack’s Account

  1. The next meeting of the Aston-cum-Aughton Parish Council is next Tuesday. Will both of these parish councillors be there, I wonder.

    This note of Hilda’s seems to put the really nice and competent Pat Wade in a very difficult position.


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  3. As you sow so shall ye reap… Maybe you should practice what you preach ‘grandma’…you saw it fit 20plus years ago spreading malicious rumours about my mother. Wouldn’t trust this woman as far as I could throw her.


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