The Lunchtime Question

Rotherham Politics would like to know what these two were doing when this was taken? Exactly who are they? Did Barry Dodson have anything to do with it?


5 thoughts on “The Lunchtime Question

  1. bloody hell who are there. these two look like theives on the photos, there must be on crimewatch with the stuff there get upto.


  2. they just puppets being pulled by strings of a master who thinks he is the lord lol lord of the garbage he is. as there is no humanity in this person if he can ruin life’s so easily by pulling strings as such he would make a really good president for India are Pakistan as its ok to do that there as people are poor and illiterate after all he is good with foreign affairs are you sure hes not a foreigner dods that is call him doddy needs a slang name as all bad lads have one,you are a badboy doddy run ting dem ye ye


  3. Do I spy Alan Heppenstall and Lynsey Skidmore? Council Officers both!
    Must have been sent by Barry Dodson our esteemed (not) Deputy Mayor?
    Does Barry believe, like Jahangir Akhtar, the Police are there to act in his favour and on his instructions, that can’t be right can it?


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