Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) SYP and Shaun’s Child Protection Failing: You read it first on Rothpol

The inquiry’s key conclusion was first identified in a Rothpol article “Shaun spreads the manure!” written by myself on October 26th and published in Rothpol.
Here is the article  http://goo.gl/yheSrr
In summary I forecast
1. The HMIC review of the SYP would say they remain poor at  fighting Child Sex Exploitation (CSE)& that children are still at risk.
2. Shaun Wright has already started to criticize the Chief Constable (CC) to take attention away from his own shortcomings.
I don’t normally like to gloat & say I told you so, however my article received some heavy duty criticism from a contributor self-named “Sheffred” who at the time I thought to be either Shaun himself or a very close ally.
He/she said
“Thanks for that Wil, just confirms you haven’t got a clue what you’re talking about” and you have a  “pea size brain” .
The other reason I’m having this little gloat is to get over to some much more important points:
1. That children remain unnecessarily exposed to sex exploitation in Rotherham.
2. Rothpol is the only truly free and democratic political forum available in Rotherham. That while Rik’s editorial policy of freedom to comment may attract the odd loon, it nonetheless mainly contains decent and accurate political commentary and information given by people who really care. Do I need to remind readers that to know who is representing them in 2014 LP members had to read Rothpol. Thanks Rik, you should get freedom of the town.
3. That many of us, including this “pea brain” can see the smugness that is The Police & Councils approach to child sex grooming, while Councillors seem incapable of doing so.  Are we the only ones who note that every time there has been an independent inquiry the Police & Council are found seriously wanting? Also that when Andrew Norfolks latest revelations hit the Times front page, the Council’s response was to express confidence and support for SYP. Just how wrong can a town’s leadership be?
4. That Shaun Wright should have commissioned this inquiry before increasing SYP’s budget to fight CSE. Then the money could have been focused accurately on weaknesses requiring improvement. Simply handing it over to a force that has a history of incompetence in CSE reflected a panic approach ; desperation to create a smokescreen for his own failing when Chair of the responsible Council Committee. He is truly inept.
Lastly, a word of caution to Sarah Champion, who has thrown some of her authority and credibility behind the Council and SYP on this matter; suggesting that the Council has made significant improvements in CSE handling and In appearing to support the Council view that since 2009 everything has been hunky dory.
The Council has for children in care a responsibility best summarised as in loco parentis. Meaning they should act as if they are the child’s parent. Many parents maybe don’t have the power to take on the police when they are incompetent. But a Council does, and their duty is not fulfilled just because they’ve filled the paperwork in correctly.
Wil – sorry for the gloat.

9 thoughts on “Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) SYP and Shaun’s Child Protection Failing: You read it first on Rothpol

  1. Wrights transparent attempts to deflect criticism of his conduct while at RMBC is starting to unravel, a concerted campaign by representatives of rank and file police officers will damage him to the point that he will have to step down.

    An individual so out of his depth you couldn’t make it up.

    As for the towns MP, she has been taken the bait, hook, line and sinker and believed everything she was spoon fed, starting to look like the fool on this one Ms Champion.


  2. Wright is in the position he is in not because of his experience,and certainly not because of his record,which is lamentable, but because of people who will vote Labour no matter what the candidate is like and also the massive apathy that the electorate had towards the election of the SYPCC. These two factors could be costing the vulnerable children of South Yorkshire very dear and if, Akhtar is allowed to stand next May,the same factors will most likely return him for Rotherham West!


  3. Old news Wil. Well summarised, but unfortunately predictable as the 1st post was. If you want to gloat over this then I really feel for you. It’s like someone gloating over predicting that Man Utd 1st Team would beat Sheff Utd reserves – not guaranteed, but very predictable!! Keep up the great work and while you are on a role, could you let me know what the Lottery numbers are this week, I could do with the extra cash?? 🙂 And to think that I am Shaun Wright himself or even a close ally is just laughable. Is it too hard to get your head round the fact that some people may disagree with your opinions and how you go about voicing it!


  4. Roger Baker QPM MBA MA
    Her Majesty’s Inspector of Constabulary,
    Northern Region
    Unit 2
    Wakefield Office Village
    Fryers Way
    Silkwood Park
    WF5 9TJ

    Dear Sir

    I have downloaded and read your Report into the current state and scale of activity by South Yorkshire Police of these dreadful matters of child sexual abuse, rape and trafficking in South Yorkshire in current times.

    My Comments on the HMIC Report

    I fear it is the wrong Report, as I will set out below.

    But I applaud the coverage – any coverage – of these dreadful matters. And especially when that coverage is conducted by institutions such as yours with their statutory powers, duties, authorities and accountabilities.

    However, as I am sure you and your colleagues will have observed, Chief Constable David Crompton QPM has demonstrated in his testimony before the Home Affairs Committee that he had by late 2012 already put in place substantial increases in staff to deal with these matters, and had also embarked on a substantial programme of training and increasing the awareness of officers and other colleagues.

    He also made clear before the Home Affairs Committee that he was trying very hard to create the integrated CSE teams in all four South Yorkshire Districts that your report characterises as working well in Sheffield. These moves represented a significant step change upward in intent, quantity and quality by comparison with the CSE provisions he had found on his arrival only a few months before, and they still represent that step change. These efforts – as the HMIC Report confirms – continue.

    It would be regrettable if the effect of this Report were to inhibit that progress.

    My comments on child sexual abuse, rape and trafficking in South Yorkshire from 2005/6 to 2009/10

    “It would be regrettable if the effect of this Report were to inhibit that progress.”

    I say this because from the information already available in the public domain it is clear that “CSE in South Yorkshire” was in reality “CSE centred in and orchestrated from Rotherham” between 2005/6 and 2009/10.

    It is therefore a pity that your Report does not cover this period 2005/6 to 2009/2010. It is a pity because what happened during this half a decade created the situation into which David Crompton walked when he became Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Police.

    I am sure no reminder is needed of the child sexual abuse, rape and trafficking in South Yorkshire 2005/6 to 2009/10 that took place on an industrial scale, and into which there remains as yet no independent Report into the activities of the Police or any other public authority in respect of how they discharged their duties during this period.

    Only internal Inquiries, as I am sure you will be aware, have been announced and the value of public bodies “marking their own homework” seems dubious to many and a pointless waste of scarce cash to others.

    I therefore strongly suggest that you use your powers to instigate a follow up HMIC Investigation.

    In my opinion that follow-up Investigation should examine the activities of the South Yorkshire Police between 2005/6 and 2009/10 about how they dealt with the industrial scale child sexual abuse, rape and trafficking on their doorstep. But whatever they did or did not do, they had local partners who also had statutory duties of care towards children.

    So I suggest strongly that you focus also on the discharge of their statutory duties of care by all the relevant bodies with a duty to safeguard children in Rotherham. This should include especially the activities in this regard of Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council and its leadership including the then Cabinet Member for Children, Councillor Shaun Wright who held that Office for the whole of this period.


    Many will feel that the Report you have published today would have been more credible if it had followed an already published Report into child sexual abuse, rape and trafficking in South Yorkshire in these earlier years 2005/6 to 2009/10.

    I hope therefore that you set in motion an Investigation on which such a Report into Child sexual abuse, rape and trafficking in South Yorkshire from 2005/6 to 2009/10 can be made.

    Yours faithfully

    C J Longley

    Christopher Longley MBE

    ccfi David Crompton QPM, Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Police


    • “for detail about whats really going on.”

      Another Conspiracy Theorist. It never ceases to amaze me how anyone takes random bits from the ‘Net and newspapers and makes them fit their own agenda.
      Peter Martin’s link is best read after you’ve ingested industrial quantities of Columbian Marching Powder while at the same time listening to Black Sabbath.
      Mind blowing Man!


      • Colin,
        Deranged maybe.
        The blog says: “1991 My son is murdered by mystery virus aged 10. He had been conceived whilst I worked in VSEL being forced to inhale toxic oil vapours. He died in Pendelbury childrens hospital. ”
        I guess if my kid had died at 10. I’d be just as deranged and searching for a reason.


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