Andrew Norfolk on the HMIC Report


4 thoughts on “Andrew Norfolk on the HMIC Report

  1. Chief Superintendant Chatwin’s 2 Tweets since the HMIC report broke nationally in several newspapers and on regional TV, stating that the Police appear to care more about burglary and vehicle crimes..

    “2 more males in custody #Rotherham arrested on susp #burglary to be dealt with by days teams” – Morning of 12th November

    ” Just reviewed progress of #Rotherham #opCanberra to address burglary/vehicle crime. Since Sept 191 arrests. We’ll go passed 200 this week” – Evening11th November

    There is something other worldly about Policing in Rotherham. As if Police Officers live in another dimension to the rest of us.

    Being honest I don’t want my home burgled or car stolen, however nor do I want riots on Wellgate or my children at risk of sex grooming.

    Is it a question of we can’t have the Police working and informing us about all four?

    Something is wrong here.


  2. Well spotted Will, sums up senior officer’s attitudes in dealing with CSE.

    Stopping CSE in Rotherham is not a priority, it will never be in the culture that is South Yorkshire Police, add into the mix protecting community cohesion, safeguarding cultural sensitivities , lazy RMBC Cllrs, incompetent senior officers and you have an open door for criminals to abuse children.

    Hopefully Chief Supt Harwin is replaced ASAP by someone with the guts to arrest these criminals!


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