Caven Vines reverses resignation from the Corporate Parenting Panel

Resignation from Corporate parenting Panel

To keep you informed
I have today withdrawn my resignation from this panel my reasons being;

After talking to the Chairman and RMBC officers they have agreed to remove restrictions on these meetings and make them open as per other council meetings except if the restriction comes under the Local Government Act.

So to this end I believe I have brought some democracy and transparency to the table.

Best regards
Cllr Caven Vines

4 thoughts on “Caven Vines reverses resignation from the Corporate Parenting Panel

  1. In out, in out ya shake em all about…no seriously Caven,,,on the face of it I have to say well done. I will be interested to hear how it pans out in practice.



  2. Too much of the business of the Council is unnecessarily conducted in secret!

    We need to demand genuine openness, it’s no more than we deserve and have been promised.

    Go to it Caven!


  3. More transparency required From Rotherham Council.
    More councillors from other parties required to expose secrecy.
    Labour has too much power in Rotherham Council.
    2014 We must work together to abolish this absolute power Labour holds in Rotherham Council.


  4. Well done Caven.
    Your threatened resignation-for the reasons stated- was a can of worms RMBC did not want to open. The resulting bad publicity would have added to the even greater pile of manure that RMBC proudly calls ‘democracy’.
    It seems Kimber,Stone and Collins have learned their lessons well from the Official Book of Democracy by J. Stalin. (Deceased). That is the problem with democracy, ordinary people want their say and that will never do.


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